Alternative sea waybill

Today we are talking about the sea waybill, especially since some exporters complain in particular about the arrival of the goods before the bill of lading, as is the case when exporting Egypt to Lebanon or Saudi Arabia, in this case it takes two or three days for the ship to arrive. The insurance policy has not arrived, the importer has unpleasant things. Because when the ship arrives, the grace period starts to decrease and the importer starts paying the reserve price, so we discuss solutions in these cases and we also discuss the definition of the sea waybill.

Definition of sea waybill

It is a shipping document that contains and explains the details of the goods being shipped, their condition and the parties to which the carrier or carrier ships them under actual conditions such as CMA, Narcik, or several lines known to the exporter.

The role of transport documents

The bill of lading issuer plays three main roles: –

  • Proof of the contract of carriage between the exporter and the importer.
  • Goods Receipt A goods receipt is a document confirming the signature upon receipt of the shipment from the port.
  • This is a title deed stating that the named beneficiary is the owner of the commodity.

Policy type

Among the most important types of policies in the world: – Immediate relatives are the existing parties and they are the real senders and exporters and the beneficiaries are the real importers in the other country and the bank has no parties in this matter. In the case of an air waybill, the bank must be the party that approves the document. The solution is to arrive before the policy arrives

When you book with the shipping company you need to do the following: Oragnal pro fleding Seea way beel. This means that you are asking the shipping company that you do not need to print the original invoice. The shipping line shows a copy of this invoice invoice, so you send the exporter of these invoices to the exporter, he sends the shipping line and starts customs clearance and gets the shipping line’s permission to deliver, this feature can be used in the following cases: –

In any bank as a party. Or if there is no problem with the payment, as sometimes I am in Egypt as a branch in Saudi Arabia, so the trust is great, at that time I have a company here in Egypt and a company in Saudi Arabia, but the boss is one.

Telex Issuance:

– After your document fee has been issued, to save time, you may not send your document and you give up your proprietary rights.

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