An official visit for the delegation of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association to the Insured Publications Complex

The Secure and Smart Publications Complex – in the Administrative Capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, received a delegation of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association, led by Dr. Yousry Al-Sharqawi, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, accompanied by Eng. Mustafa Al-Amir, Secretary General of the Association, Dr. Khaled Derbala, Head of the Information Technology and Digital Transformation Committee in the Association, and Engineer Hussein Al-Ghazawi, Chairman of the Energy Committee and an engineer Abdul Rahman Suleiman, Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, Engineer Mohamed Al-Fouli, Chairman of the Industry Committee, and the membership of some prominent members of the association’s activity.

The delegation was received by Major General Sameh Al-Akari, CEO of the Complex, Major General Khaled Salah, Executive Vice President, and Major General Haitham Qadri, Director of Business Development for the Complex.

The complex is one of the most important major projects accomplished by Egypt to bring about a unique qualitative leap in which for the first time Egypt owns technology, intellectual property and manufacturing steps for all official documents of natural individuals with their civil, social or financial status from birth to death with the introduction of the biometric system, biometric data and the central system for tracking, automatic control and processing Data, auditing and updating it with the latest smart systems and the latest applications.

The meeting lasted about 5 hours between the presentation and the field tour to get acquainted with all the Egyptian production inputs 100 % and all the outputs, whether for bank notes, issuances and documents that contain 100 % Egyptian technology to secure the paper, as well as advanced hologram marks to resist all crimes of forgery and counterfeiting of documents with printing units Payment cards and their control and monitoring systems, and how this can contribute to saving wasted public funds, reducing corruption, and building a modern state.

Dr. Yousry El-Sharqawy, President of the Association, stated through the meeting that we are happy and proud of what we see on the land of Egypt of technology that we fully own to Egypt and the continent. This is what the political leadership mentioned at the Human Rights Strategy Conference yesterday, and that we will remain keen to support what we see, which is tantamount to realizing the dream on the land of Egypt in recent years in an era that we did not enjoy and did not dream of what we see is already achieved and in reality, and this places a great burden on us as a business community. To transfer and assist in the transfer of everything we see to African countries, whether to provide integrated solutions to African governments or to major semi-governmental projects or to the private sector institutions and individuals,

Al-Sharqawi explained that what Egypt has produced makes us proud of the new republic and its private intellectual property in the development of technology and patents in this field in accordance with the requirements of security, safety, data health, and the rules and foundations of the (ACWA) organization, and even Egypt surpassed all these requirements by adding other safety elements that are considered ownership Intellectual for the first time on the land of Egypt, Africa, Asia, and indeed the whole world, specifically regarding the production of the insured passport as well as identification cards

Al-Sharqawi praised the highly trained work team, which carries multiple experiences, works in a team spirit, and brings together the patriotic sons of Egypt in leadership and management, young Egyptian women of both sexes who have not exceeded thirty years, and graduates of government universities between science, engineering and information systems, something that calls for pride and gives hope for the brilliant future, which It will bring economic benefit to our beloved Egypt, and it will save Egypt nearly $300 million annually in the value of importing bank notes annually, in addition to other issues like them. It will double our exports and our dealings with the African side

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