Detailed container dimensions and geometric shapes

Shows container dimensions Containers come in different sizes and shapes including large, small and medium, in this article we will discuss container dimensions, in meters, we will show you length, width, height, volume or capacity in cubic metres.

Container size 20 feet
20 feet equals 5889 meters in length,
and 8 feet or 2.35 meters wide,
Its height is 8.6 feet or 2386 meters,
and 28 cubic meters in volume.

Standard 40ft Container
40 feet normal
Its length is 1202 meters
width 8 feet, or 2.35 meters, or 8.6 feet, or 2386 meters,
It has a volume and a capacity of 58 cubic metres.

Payload for 40 ft. container
The container is 12.02 feet long and 8 feet (2.35 meters) wide.
It is 9.91 feet (2,756 meters) tall.

It is larger than a normal 40ft container
It has a capacity of 67 cubic metres.
It is estimated to be 45 feet long, 14 meters long, and 8 feet (2.35 meters) wide.
It is 9.91 feet (2,756 meters) tall, with a volume or capacity of 77.7 cubic metres.

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