Dry ports, transport and logistics are among the most important government projects in which the private sector participates.

In the field of logistics and transportation, apart from discussing the development of educational services provided by the private sector by investing in national projects, establishing and operating distinct participating language schools.

The Egyptian government is working hard to create an environment for the private sector to play an effective role, formulating legislative and institutional frameworks by amending laws regulating private sector participation, and supporting partnership between the public sector and the public sector. Services and facilities were approved by members of Parliament last month.
These amendments aim to expand the business model of the private sector in infrastructure projects and public services. Develop a new contracting method commensurate with the nature of the project to be established, set specific controls and criteria for selecting projects in which the private sector participates, and establish a mechanism for selecting projects through permanent joint committees of various ministries . Financial commissions and planning are possible in the future The projects implemented in the partnership system are designed to shorten the interim provisioning and resumption period, and to speed up the completion of pre-contracting procedures.
The role of the “Erada” initiative to reform the business environment is to reform the legislative and regulatory framework to ensure business stimulation, encourage investment, and establish a dialogue between the government and private sector companies, where the “Erada” initiative plays a key role “in terms of achieving sustainable development goals and the goals of the “vision” Egypt 2030”, the initiative has a direct impact on enriching economic development, improving transparency, improving the efficiency of government institutions, and creating a suitable environment for participation. The importance of activating (Irada initiative) also stems from the fact that the state has implemented in recent years many legislative and institutional reforms by issuing a package of laws and regulations, including: (the new investment law – industrial licensing law – competition protection law – microfinance law – law Bankruptcy and exit from the market – Medium and Small Enterprises Development Law), where the government is keen to activate the benefit from the facilities offered by this package of laws and legislation by ensuring consistency and integration between these legislations and qualifying the various stakeholders to apply them.

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