Egypt resubmits its “withdrawn tender” after the Ukraine war.

Egypt launched an international tender to import an unspecified amount of wheat to be shipped from April 13 to 26, just 48 hours after canceling an offer made by only one company last Thursday due to the conditions of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The Egyptian Supply and Commodities Authority decided that the last date for submitting new bids is Monday, February 28, with payment to be made after review.

The authorities specified the types of wheat they wanted to buy, namely: “American soft white winter wheat, American soft red winter wheat, hard American or Canadian soft wheat, French milled wheat, Australian soft wheat, German milled wheat, Argentine bread wheat, milled in Russia , ground in Ukraine, ground in Romania.

And of the types specified by the authorities “Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Paraguayan, Kazakh or Russian, according to the specifications of the Kazakh body, at the request of the seller.

Wheat.” An official source said, on Friday, that Egypt decided to cancel an international tender to import wheat that it proposed, Thursday, due to the companies’ lack of progress, and only one company submitted to it, and offered to import 60,000 tons of French wheat to challenge the FOB price at $399.

The sources said. The cancellation was due to a company committing an illegal act and increasing the price from an average of $345 in previous bids to $400 in canceled bids.

The Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, confirmed, last Wednesday, that Egypt’s wheat stocks are sufficient for four months, with The local wheat harvest is approaching.

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