Egyptian gold prices drop today, Monday, with the start of trading

The price of gold fell today, Monday, in Egypt, with the start of trading, with the price of a gram dropping 3 pounds from yesterday’s levels.

The price of gold in the domestic market has risen sharply over the past few weeks, influenced by global metal prices that have risen in response to the declaration of war between Russia and Ukraine.

gold price today
And the price of 14 karat gold fell to 589 pounds per gram.

The price of 18 karat gold fell to 758 pounds per gram.

And the price of 21 karat gold fell to 884 pounds per gram.

The price of 24 karat gold fell to 1010 pounds per gram.

gold pound price

The price of gold in sterling fell to 7,072 pounds, which can vary from dealer to dealer, and this price is equal to the value of gold in sterling, which is the price of a gram of 21 karat.

Global gold price today

Global gold prices fell to around $1,975 an ounce early Monday in trading on the first trading day of the week, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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