EU bans sale or transfer of euros to Russia

In light of the Russian military operations in Ukraine, the European Union announced a ban on some Russian banks from the SWIFT system and further restrictions and restrictions.
In particular, the Board decided to prohibit, directly or indirectly, the provision of financial information services specifically for the exchange of SWIF financial data for more than 50% of its shares.

It is also prohibited to invest in, participate in or in any way finance future projects jointly financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, as well as the sale, supply, transfer or export of euro banknotes to Russia or any natural or legal person or entity. Either in Russian institutions, including the government and the Central Bank of Russia, or used in Russia.

Today’s decision complements a package of measures announced by the High Representative following a video conference of EU Foreign Ministers on 27 February. The package of measures also includes the provision of equipment and supplies to the Ukrainian armed forces through the European Peace Mechanism, a ban on overflights over EU airspace and access to operators. Russia has different access to EU airports, and it is prohibited to do business with Russia. The Central Bank banned broadcasts on the European Union’s state media “Russia Today” and “Sputnik”.

The European Union condemns the Russian military operations against Ukraine in the strongest terms, and demands that Russia immediately cease military operations, unconditionally withdraw all forces and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine, and fully respect the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine within the territory. its internationally recognized borders.

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