ForsaHub and Omal Misr partnership

According to the trends of the Misr Workers Group for Industrial Services and Industries specialized in serving investment and industrial investors in Egypt and providing all the needs and factors necessary for the smooth running of the production process inside factories, and according to the experiences accumulated 11 years ago within the industrial zones and various industries, the group headed to conclude a strategic “partnership” with ForsaHub
Who works with a thought and a vision emanating from within the Egyptian Industrial Workers Complex and the services it provides to industrial investors and joint between the two sides in serving investment and investors and providing investment opportunities and exchanging them between clients, businessmen and investors in general, and the remarkable role of Egypt’s workers comes crystallized in providing qualified and trained human cadres capable of Managing the production process inside the factories and working to raise the daily production rates of the production lines in the different factories (food – logistics – medicines – cartons – ..)

Resulting from the experience, study and deepening of Egypt’s workers within the Egyptian industrial markets for years, in addition to the weight of the group’s name within the industrial zones, which raises the degree of confidence among manufacturers and investors in exchanging and presenting services on the ForsaHub website. Ms. Iman Mohamed Salem from Jusoor Company went to visit the headquarters of the workers’ complex The Egyptian Industrial Zone in the 6th of October Industrial Zone. A meeting was held with Mr. Haitham Hussein, head of the Egyptian Workers Group and OMC Factories, in the presence of a number of Egyptian labor managers and the directors of Jusoor Company. They discussed the possibility of increasing the scope of joint cooperation and obtaining more services provided by Egyptian workers to industrial investors and factories in Egypt. Egypt and add it in the “icon” of Egypt workers inside the ForsaHub

It was reached to start the service of providing qualified and trained technical workers to manage and operate the production lines of factories and to make the service request available and to communicate with the group directly through the mail – for the workers of Egypt listed on the site – and the contact numbers. After the visions and directions agreed, the contract was signed between the two parties during the meeting. Haitham Hussein, head of the Egypt Workers Group, “Egypt’s workers always seize opportunities, and in recent times, the trend has begun to provide the group’s services to manufacturers and factory owners on social media platforms and move according to the direction of the state. Egyptian and the whole world towards digital transformation and development of the service provided continuously, whether in reality or in the virtual world, as he stressed the importance of the ForsaHub site for exchanging commercial and investment opportunities between businessmen in Egypt and added, “Hussain”
ForsaHub said, ForsaHub is a site that has great importance in the world of finance and business, and I expect its spread on the Arab and global level. We Egyptian workers strive to be “online” in all Egyptian, Arab and international electronic platforms that specialize in the world of finance, business, trade exchange and the industrial community, to provide services for Egypt’s industrial workers For all the requesting parties and to expand and increase Arab, international and local cooperation in the industrial markets.” After the signing, Ms. Eman Mohamed Salem gave her speech, expressing the importance of the strategic partnership that brings together ForsaHub and the workers of Egypt, and she noted the importance of the presence of Egyptian workers’ services inside the site due to Due to the need of all industrial markets and factories for the services provided by Egyptian workers, especially the employment sector, which provides trained technical workers that operate the production lines of factories, in addition to the importance of the presence of the name “Egypt Workers” within ForsaHub due to the trust of a large number of manufacturers and industrial investors with the services of the group, as stated – ForsaHub is available in (Arabic – English – Chinese – German – French)
To be a global platform that combines promising investment opportunities between global and local economic entities. The ForsaHub team always seeks to be near manufacturers, investors, and those interested in the world of finance and business and spread in all industrial zones at the level of the Republic. She added that a large conference will soon be organized in one of Egypt’s hotels. Inviting all members within ForsaHub to get acquainted on the ground and mutually benefit from the services provided by each industrial entity, and in the end the visit ended with signing contracts and exchanging greetings between the two parties and starting to work in cooperation between both parties

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