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“Advancing Businesses through technology”

- About Advansys ESC


  • A dynamic international solutions provider, passionate about building smart, modular, comprehensive and sustainable solutions for today’s world of business. We strive to resolve problems, improve operations and enhance customer experience through technology.
  • At Advansys we constantly help our clients find better, smarter ways to perform business and modernize the way they work (their operations). Throughout the years we have been strongly committed to our clients’ satisfaction by helping them overcome their challenges and support them on their way to a more efficient business (on their way of transformation)


“At its core Advansys ESC was founded with passion to advance businesses through technology”

  • Advansys ESC is part of INTRO Group; a private conglomerate established in 1980 with a mission of investing and actively managing companies in diversified industries.


Our Story

  • The roots of today’s Advansys ESC began in the 90s. In 1998, Advansys Technology; the corner stone of Advansys Group was founded serving the Middle East & Africa. Through commitment and hard work, its headcount has increased over the years, surging around 650+ Engineers. In addition, created multiple centers of remote Engineering - through its subsidiary - for Invensys Europe and other various projects in the MENA region, Laying the ground for Advansys ESC global expansion and success.


• Realizing the potential (2014-2017)

Establishing Advansys ESC in 2014, with 4 Control engineers deployed in North America and single headquarter in Egypt. Gradually our operations have expanded to reach different states in the US and then had the opportunity to work on similar projects in Europe.

Our talents continued to grow to 120+ Engineers, by 2017 Advansys’ reached 300+ engineers with extensive multidomain expertise and different industry knowledge; including mechanical, control, software, etc.

Paving the way for new business opportunities with different industries/sectors.

• The Expansion (Expanding our services) - New industries/countries (2017-2020)


As an early adopter of business automation and expanding into new sectors (we had the privilege of entering new fields and sectors) Advansys was able to leverage the experience and expertise of its talents as well as prove itself as a regional leader in business automation; RPA, chatbot, OCR, BPA and smart analytics. In addition to other digital solutions. Advansys has also collaborated with like-minded technology partners/providers where it plays an important advisory role to help our clients find the best and most suitable solution based on their needs, budget and project requirements, ensuring our clients get the most of out of the chosen solution for their business goals (serving their business goals)

• New Chapter (Smarter solutions) - New industries/countries (2020-present)


After years of successful growth and establishing footprints overseas we have confidently distinguished our company (been recognized) as one of the fast-growing Global solution provider, specialized in SMART solutions.

In an effort to expand while keeping our focus (promise of), Advansys began implementing a new strategy; offering more comprehensive & smarter solutions.

Our offerings


• Help you operate in a better way (Better way to operate) - Automation (Multi-dimensional)


We design, build, optimize, integrate, support; delivering the most suitable solutions that enhance overall performance and improve productivity for our clients.

We design, build, optimize, integrate systems to deliver the most suitable solutions that enhance manufacturing, improve productivity and overall performance for our clients.

    1. a) Customized warehouse solutions (smart industrial solutions)


    Being experts in materials handling systems and warehouse solutions, with wide exposure and experience in different projects globally. Our areas of expertise include, conveyor systems, automated storage, picking & sortation solutions, warehouse management systems, etc. Besides, we ensure ease of deployment, maximum efficiency and variety of modular, customized models.
    1. b) (In-house Engineered solutions) – READY to EXPAND (Advanced Engineering solutions)


    1. Advansys utilizes its engineering expertise & latest technologies to provide you with comprehensive, quality solutions and full range of specialized engineering services. From mechanical & solution development, detailed design layouts, electrical & Hardware design, order entry, PLC programming, SCADA & visualization, SW development onsite system commissioning and support.


    Our ever-growing specialized engineers are ready to grow your business by providing flexible models and unmatched industry expertise. We can help you,

- Drive business growth
- Ensure global competitiveness
- Quickly expand your work force through our skilled talents & industry expertise

• Business re-imagined (Work the modern way) - Business automation


Boosting productivity/performance across every aspect of your business. Through RPA, Chatbot, OCR & BPA Advansys tackle all business challenges, optimize processes and improve productivity. Ensuring a seamless experience to help you focus on what really matters.
List of benefits (example)
- Save hours
- Ensure error free data
- Smoother customer journey using our smart chatbots
- More precise decisions using smart analytics

• Experience the NEW New - Digital transformation


Technology has changed the way we live, interact and work. It’s time to Advance transformation within your organization. Whether you are an established corporation or SME, Advansys can help you revolutionize your organization and build a solid foundation towards digital transformation.
Along with our partners we offer Unified operations Center and SMART Data Visualization solutions for infrastructure, processes and manufacturing operations. This will help you combine all data from different sources into a single graphical view. With such centralized view, both insights and needed data are available anytime, helping our clients take data-driven strategic decisions and monitor operations performance in a real-time manner.
Such high-level intelligence can empower your modern workforce regardless of their size and can be deployed at/used in different project like smart cities, water treatment plants, oil & gas sites and manufacturing facilities, etc.
Increase business agility
- Orchestration of subsystems, Centralized & full visibility of operations, Easy access to data from the shop floor
Operational Excellence
- Increase in equipment utilization, Full asset management, Seamless safety & regulatory compliance.
Enhanced decision making
- Capturing everything on time, analyze complex trends & insights, predictive analytics.

    1. D) Who we serve (Primary areas of focus)


    1. Our customers are among the leading medium and large enterprises, with primary focus on Industrial, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Financial and Governmental Sectors. In addition, our team has collaborated throughout the years with technology innovators in warehouse automation, manufacturing operations and consolidation of infrastructure digitization.


    1. • Large enterprise


    1. • Oil & Gas sector


    1. • Government sector


    1. • Telecom


    • Financial sector
    1. E) Global locations


    1. Operating from 5 countries across 4 continents, allowing Advansys to offer scalable operations with real-time collaboration and faster resolution of customers’ queriers.


    1. - List offices on the map



H) Technology partners
Advansys has established strategic partnerships with the top technology providers, ensuring the latest technologies are used and a flawless integration process.

    1. I) Governance (How we operate) Need to be added and re-placed ✓


    Corporate governance is considered our guiding principle that shapes how our company is managed, organized and operated. It ensures our operations are up to the highest standards of transparency, ethical conduct and compliance to laws and regulations.

How corporate governance is enforced.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Quality management system aggregate all our processes, resources and values to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction with a regularity manner.


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