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The Weighing Experts

About Al-Mansour:

Started in 1974, where the office of our founder Eng. Ibrahim Mansour was the sole representative of the Italian company BURONI OPESSI in Egypt.
Offered hundreds of mechanical weighing systems to the local market, proving their superior quality and accuracy.
In our efforts of continuous development, a shift from mechanical systems to more efficient and effective electrical weighing systems was decided.
As we developed our quality, one of our goals was to expand in quantity, both in the local market and in the wider region.
For this vision to become a reality, our co-founder Eng. Wael I. Mansour sought cooperation with a leading international partner who shared the same vision. Therefore, our partnership with COOPERATIVE BILANCIAI of Italy, one of the global leading companies in the field of industrial weighing systems, started in 1996 as their sole agent and representative in Egypt and still continues to date.

Strategy & Vision

  • The importance of our trade originated from the significance the weighing process has in any industry or trade, where an error of 1% of readings in a day, can result in millions in loss over a year. We regard our weighing scales as judges that determine who gets what, thus we have to ensure that our judges are fair and just.
  • Currently, we are one of the leading companies in our local market with a well known and established reputation in the field. We strive to further expand and enhance our position through continuous development of our products in order to fulfil our goal which is: an accurate, reliable and durable weighing system.
  • In addition to the local market, we supplied and installed many weighing systems in the wider region such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Benin, and Nigeria.

Scope of work

Our Services

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Maintenance


Our Products

Weighbridges [30 - 200 ton]


150 ton surface mounted Steel/Concrete composite section truck scale
20x3 m - Abu Qir Fertilizer Company, Alexandria

surface mounted Steel truck

120 ton surface mounted Steel truck scale 20x3 m - Africa for Silos &
Warehousing, Port of El Dekheila - Alexandria


Types for weighbridges:

Steel structure

Steel structure

Steel/Concrete Composite section structure

Steel/Concrete Composite section structure

Mounted weighbridges:

Surface Mount


Pit Mount


Railway Scales [100 - 200 ton]


150 ton railway scale 15x2.5 m - El Dekheila Port, Alexandria

Crane Scales


Platform Scale [30 - 5000 kg]


Forklift Scale [0.5 - 4 ton]


Load Cells & Weighing kits:

Weight indicators:


Load Cells:


Our Clients & Customers


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