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Bright Biomedical


Bright biomedical Inc. (BBM) is a leading corporation established in Alexandria, Egypt in 2010 with extended activities in the Middle East- North Africa (MENA) region.

BBM operates inside Egypt & exporting as well to Gulf countries (i.e Dubai, Saudi Arabia), Lebanon, Jordan ….

Now we are expanding our business in Saudi Arabia by opening our branch in it

BBM operates through three main divisions: the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Ingredients division. BBM has great expertise in identifying customers' needs and unmet market demands and addressing them first and in a better way through continuous innovation.

The Ingredient Division:

We are specialized in sourcing and supplying ingredients to serve the food industry by providing them with high quality ingredients that comply with the local and international standards. Our customers also get the logistical and technical support that they need before during and after manufacturing.


The Cosmetic Division:

BBM Egypt operates by supplying the cosmetic industry with active ingredients and excipients necessary for the manufacture of up class cosmetics

Export Division:

BBM has export experience in Fruits and vegetables to Gulf countries (i.e Dubai, Saudi Arabia), Lebanon, Jordan ….

Now we currently pursuing the business of exports of fruits and vegetables from Egypt to the European market especially Netherlands.

As we are approaching the citrus season in Egypt (Oranges) ,afterwards the berries season (strawberry) and vegetables as well


The Pharmaceutical Division:

We supply a number of pharmaceutical companies with the necessary API’s and excipients necessary for manufacture with compliance to the GMP principles.

We capitalize on opportunities to advance our business by registering new products that allow us to aid in the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases to offer the highest quality of life possible to our patients. Our product portfolio is in pipeline stage.


Our Vision:

“Bringing a smile to everyone we touch”. We aim to become the number one choice to our customers that best understands their needs and meets them by offering Customized services and advanced solutions to satisfy unmet demands in the mean highly dynamic environment.

Our Mission:

Innovating for a Healthier world

BBM focuses on innovation to improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Our focus on innovation is our main tactic to establish and maintain a leading position in the market.

Our Aim

    1. Be the ”First Choice Supplier” by delivering sufficient high quality supply of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials to guarantee that the highest quality final products are being delivered to the market at competitive prices.
    1. Ensure and communicate quality, reliability and trust at every step of the value chain. By providing knowledge and ongoing customer support through our ingredient’s division we help our customers achieve desired solutions.
    1. Improve and preserve the health of millions of people through science based innovation and ongoing research. BBM is committed to care for the health and well-being of people worldwide by offering drugs and diagnostics that satisfies unmet medical needs.
    1. Offer a unique portfolio of cosmetics and related brands, striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation and value, and elevating our image to become the company that best understands what a customer needs.
    1. Provide a shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance and to adequately reward those who invest ideas and work in our company.

Company profile

The currently active divisions are the pharmaceutical and Ingredient divisions which aim on supplying companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries with the ingredients that they need to produce the highest standards of products.

Food ingredients Main EGYPT Customers


  • Juhayna (Dairy Market Leader - Beverages).
  • Savola Group (Oils and Fats Market Leader).
  • Faragalla (Meat Processing – Dairy – Culinary – Bakery – Beverages).
  • Halawani Brothers (Meat Processing – Confectionary).
  • Greenland (White Cheese Market Leader).
  • Iceman ice-cream (Local Market Leader in Ice Cream after Nestle).
  • Al-Rashidy Al-Mizan (Halawa Market Leader).
  • Almashreq & Dreem
  • Quality Target
  • Royal Pack
  • ECAP
  • Macca for Food industry
  • Best Trade
  • Mifad

The Pharmaceutical Division:

    1. Pharcopharmaceuticals
    1. EPICO
    1. Al Gelatinia
    1. Aedco

Food additives Applications:

    1. Beverages
    1. Dairy & cheese
    1. Meat
    1. Bakery
    1. Confectionery
    1. Fruit preparation
    1. Snakes & crackers
    1. Chocolate industry
    1. Ice cream industry
    • Excipients
    • Sweeteners
    • Amino Acids
Executive Summary:

"BBM" Bright Biomedical Inc. is working at field of Food Ingredient Industry especially Nitration Firms in MENA Market.

We have many internal and external suppliers at this field and they recommend working through us as we are good traders and we have a good communications in this market.

"BBM" Imports many kinds of food ingredient for many applications like: Dairy, Baking, Juices, Sweets, Pastry, Cheese, Biscuits and Chocolate.

Our products are interested from all Nitration Firms - Factories and Flour Mills.


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