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Delta Steel is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the field of steel and cast iron industry. The company was established in 1947
when Delta Trading Company established a section for the production of steel rebars with small electric furnaces to smelt thousands of
tons of scrap left over from the Second World War in Western desert. This venture proved so successful that the new division was
separated into a thriving fully independent concern” Delta Steel Mill Company”.
Company’s licensed capital of 300 million pounds.
The paid up capital of 150 million pounds distributed to 15 million shares, the value of each share ten pounds wholly owned by
the Holding Company metallurgical industries.

Main production

  • Departments Steel – Making Sector Steel melting and Continuous Casting:

    The molten Steel from electric arc furnaces with the required chemical composition is transferred to be continuously casted into steel
    billets 130 x 130 mm.

  • Automation controlling systems:

    The steel billets produced by the continuous casting line then rolled into mild or high tensile steel grades for reinforcing concrete
    (slanted bevels) with different bar diameters from 12 to 40 mm in standard lengths or as requested. reinforcing
    steels cover the
    Egyptian or international specifications of the production, The automatic rolling unit has been developed using the latest technology
    using automatic control systems.

  • Semi automatic rolling unit:

    The steel billets produced from electric furnaces or ingots produced from continuous casting are rolled into different profiles.

  • Cold Drawing:

    the copany uses latest multi-stage cold drawn wires automatic.machines to produce Steel wires for engineering purposes.
    Also produces bright calibrated wires and rods.

  • Wire Mesh:

    Wire mesh is produced from notched cold drawn steel bars and its strength is not less than 55 kg / mm2, with elongation 8 % minimum,
    and the allowable stress in the design is 2200 kg cm2 for slabs and 2000 kg /cm2 for beams and columns.

  • Steel foundry

    We produce carbon steel castings and alloys for different uses and industries as per customer’s needs. Castings are subjected to heat
    treatment and finishing processes using a range of modern equipment.
    The production includes various
    types of castings of carbon steel and also alloys, including high-strength corrosion-resistant manganese

  • Cast-iron Foundry

    The company has set up an integrated foundry for the production of cast castings using a range of modern sand machines that are fed by
    sand from the automatic sand processing unit to produce many types of castings of grey cast iron, alloy,
    Ductile cast iron and high
    chromium cast iron.

  • Chemical and natural laboratories

    The company conducts analyzes and mechanical tests for all its products and others within its laboratories, using the latest devices,
    including spectroscopy, tensile, bending and hardness machines to ensure the products conform to the
    required specifications.
    The company has established an information center with high-efficiency computers to build an integrated information system.
    This is in addition to ongoing training courses


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