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For far too long, traditional paper-based queue management systems have been accepted as the industry standard, and adopted by businesses of all sizes. While the world has evolved and made use of new technologies better suited for today’s day and age, queueing has remained largely untouched.

Existing systems not only produce an immense amount of thermal paper waste, that is neither recyclable nor compostable, but they also hardly address operational efficiency and customer experience. People spend hours waiting in crowded environments, when they only need to be present on their turn.

Dore was established in 2017 as a future-proof queue management system, and designed with flexibility in mind. We enable people to book or schedule their place in line wherever they are, and by working closely with businesses, we have ensured a wealth of powerful tools to manage and monitor locations with ease and transparency.

If there’s a queue, we streamline it, as we are neither industry specific, nor tightly coupled with proprietary hardware. So whether you’re a doctor managing a clinic, or a bank looking to better serve your customers, our solution will blend seamlessly within your organization.

Join us on our mission to eliminate wasted time.

Products /Services

   In-store Queueing

Our in-store kiosk allows customers to book their turn once they arrive at the branch. It runs on any touch screen or tablet, and by utilizing SMS messaging, it's inclusive to all customer segments.

   Remote Queueing

Take your customer experience to the next level, and allow your customers to book their turn before they arrive. Available on both web and mobile, remote booking ensures that your locations never get overcrowded

   Digital Signage

Keep your customers engaged while they monitor their turn. Our digital signage solution supports multiple media types and customizable layouts, all managed from a centralized interface.

   Live Monitoring

Stay on top of your work with live updates on the performance of each branch. Monitor operations and identify bottlenecks, all in one intuitive dashboard.

   Business Insights

Enhance operational efficiency and address areas of improvement through our in depth analytics and reports. Waiting times and serving times are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do.



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