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El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Co.


The company was established in accordance with Republican Decree No. 913 on 23/5/1960.

The total area of ​​the company is about 480,000 square meters.

Main products:

  • Buses
  • lorries
  • agricultural tractors (Romani 65, Nasr 65, Nasr 60)
  • passenger cars
  • The company produced the following models of Fiat vehicles:
    (Nasr 1100 – Nasr 125 – Nasr 126 – Nasr 127 – Nasr 128 – Nasr 133 – Nasr 131 – Tembra-Bolognese – Florida – Nasr Shaheen
    (SL1600) 96 hp – Nasr Shaheen (S1400) 78 hp – in cooperation with the Turkish company Tovash – Florida Nasr car
    (1400) block 71 hp -Florida victory car with adaptation (1400) capacity 71 HP in cooperation with the Yugoslav company Zastava

Fiat Agent in the Middle East

The most important sectors of production:

  • Passenger Cars Factory:

    With an area of ​​(42400) m2 special for the assembly lines and sproduction of passenger cars and the body treatment
    line to protect against rust as well as paint line The passenger car factory assembles passenger cars of different models.

  • Presses Factory:

    The presses factory forms, welds and operates parts of lorries, buses and tractors and uses a range of pistons with
    capacities from 35 tons to (1000) thousand tons as well as heating furnaces, scissors, bends, oxygen welding
    equipment and electricity.

  • Parts factory, gears and thermal treatments:

    The parts, gears and heat treatment plant manufactures mechanical parts for lorries, buses, tractors and passenger cars.

  • Plant engineering tools:

    The engineering machinery factory designs and produces molds, cubes and measuring parameters

  • Operating for others:

    The company is operating for others for the following companies:(Engineering Company for Automotive Industry –

    El Nasr Co.For Forgings – Eastern Co. for Smoke)


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