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Evexia gives key event arranging and innovative conveyance of gatherings and events for an assortment of businesses, including, innovation, Awareness events, technical workshops & sessions, visual identity and infographics.

We are grant winning industry pioneers giving complete gathering and event coordinations and inventive generation the executives. We offer key direction and program the board, from idea to conveyance to ROI investigation,


“Sharing Awareness Among Corporates, Individuals & Young Generations,

engaging Everyone to have a Healthier, Safer & more Sustainable Workplace.”

Awareness Events

We tailor different engaging activities and design an integrated event that engage your employees &

stakeholders together and increase their awareness level regarding a Healthier, Safer & more Sustainable

Environment & Workplace.

Technical Workshops & Sessions

Using different energy efficiency methodologies and safety management tools, we lead a tailored designed workshops for your engineers, operators and technicians, to hit the hotspots in your energy, water & waste systems and tackle

critical safety management points at your site.

Visual Identity & Infographics

Visual Identity is one of the most important things that continuously makes people remember the importance of sustainability and wise consumption of resources.

It also shares with your team valuable information & tips regarding safety & health issues.


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