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Brief about Howeedy Consultant

Howeedy Consultant (HC) is an Engineering Consulting Firm established since 1971 with a head office in Cairo, Egypt
and has a branch office in United Arab Emirates which was established in 1972. The firm is classified as
multi-expertise consulting firm in Egypt and classified as grade “A” consulting firm in United Arab Emirates.


HC is a leading Engineering Consultant Firm that has wide experience with Local and Multinational enterprises, HC
provides expert Engineering Consultancy Services, the firm is organized in such a way that its own forces are linked
with associated specialist consultants (out of the below-mentioned range of services) thereby acting as a fully
integrated team in problem detection and solving before it even occurs. Thus, having project delivery process with
minimum issues becomes inevitable applying such integrated engineering approach.
Project implementation is closely supervised and managed with respect to quality, cost and progress. The services
provided range from preparation of Concept Design (CD), Basic Design (BD), Detailed Design (DD) and Tender Documents
(TD), to Bidding & Negotiations, Site Supervision, Project Management & Handing over the projects.


Our vision is to change the understandings of engineering services business in the region provided our unique
approach in our engineering projects providing world class output to our Clients.


HC provide expert Engineering Consultancy Services for engineering projects in various fields:

  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Industrial Buildings, Production Facilities, Warehouse and Logistics Projects

  • Administrational
  • Administration Buildings, Office Buildings and Government Directories

  • Commercial, Residential & Real Estate
  • Shopping Malls, Show Rooms, Residential Compounds and Real Estate Developments

  • Health & Healthcare
  • Hospitals, Wellness Centers and Healthcare Facilities

  • Tourism
  • Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants

  • High-Rise
  • Multi-use Towers and High-rise Buildings

  • Sports & Recreation
  • Sports Clubs, Sports Halls, Stadiums, Theme Parks, Waterfalls, Exhibition Halls…etc.

  • Cultural & Educational
  • Mosques, Theaters, Multi-Purpose Halls, Schools, Universities, Academies and Learning Centers

  • Infrastructure
  • Urban Planning, Utilities Networks, Roads, Highway, Bridges, Traffic Studies and Engineering…etc.



Since its founding in 1971, the firm was able to participate and engage in more than 1500 engineering projects
mainly based in Egypt and United Arab Emirates- UAE where our two branches are located as well as other places
including; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- KSA, Libya, Sudan, DR Congo, United States of
America- USA, and Malaysia.

The firm currently has two branches located in Egypt and in UAE. The firm is classified as a "Multi-expertise"
consulting firm in Egypt and as a grade "A" consulting firm in UAE, it handles projects and construction management
in the following areas : -

  1. Industrial Projects.
  2. Administration and Office Buildings.
  3. Development of New Settlements.
  4. Housing and Residential buildings.
  5. Sports and Tourism Projects.
  6. Malls, Shopping Centers and Exhibition halls.
  7. Power Stations.
  8. Mosques.
  9. Schools and Learning facilities.
  10. Environmental Assessment.
  11. Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary Engineering.
  12. Civil Engineering Projects... Includes Soil Investigation, Surveying, Highway Engineering, Traffic, Sewer and
    Supply Networks, Structural Engineering, Dynamic Analysis, Seismic Studies and Hydraulic Structures.

Our Clients


The range of scope of work that HC can provide includes:

  • Urban and Master Planning
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Assessment & Sustainable Design
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering
  • Firefighting and Fire Alarm
  • Projects Value Engineering
  • Bidding and Tendering
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Construction Supervision




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