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  • User-friendly graphical Interface
  • Graphical dynamic monitoring for machine status.
  • Plug and Play System:
    - Multiple Batch Programming
    - Limitless tasks per batch
    - Man - Auto Length Adjustment and Correction
    - Man - Auto Threading
    - Time control for punching and pressing
    - Smart Speed Control for different punches distribution
    - Remote Access to Your Machine, "Cloud for industry" IOT
    - On Fly features update for working batch
  • Multi-access with access level control for multiple users:
    - Remote Access to Your Machine, "Cloud for industry" IOT.
    - Exchange data with a producer's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Alarms Handling systems.
    - Diagnostic functions to specify fault location eliminating maintenance time.
  • Backup and Restore data
  • Data Entry: (Eliminating Manual Entry Errors)
    - Manual.
    - One Click Drawing.
    - Via excel sheet.
    - Via CAD Files.
    - Locally - Remotely.
  • Reports:
    - Working times and downtimes.
    - Production report.
    - Material consumption and scrap report.
    • Motion profiles.


  • High-Performance Motion Controllers
  • The Motion Control functions:
    - Speed axis
    - Positioning axis
    - Synchronous axis
    - External encoder
    - Measuring input
    - Output cam
    - Cam track
    - Flying shear
  • Motion Control Standards:
    - PLCopen and CODESYS.
  • Up To Date Control Toolboxes:
    - Roll feeding systems
    - Hydraulic control systems
    - Pressing systems
  • Safety Integrated Functions:
    - The quick and economic implementation of safety concept

Motors and Drives

  • Motion Control Solutions:
    - The answer to complex requirements
    - Greater speed
    - Higher efficiency
    - More flexibility
    - High energy savings
    - Modular and compact design
    - Single-axis and multi-axis drives
  • Decentralized servo axis Option:
    - Reduces cabling and cabinet space
    - Positioning, synchronous operation and adaptation


  • Reliability, precision and quality
  • Compact designs for tight spaces
  • Security and protection
  • Quality control
  • Positioning
  • Material flow optimization
  • Monitoring and checking


  • Water Tight Enclosure IP 67.
  • console Type and Machine Mounting Type.
  • Professional control cabinet construction
  • Extensive technical support


We manufacture & supply shear blades according to our customer's special industrial purpose which will give long knife life, precision, accuracy and reduced downtime with competitive cost. Shear blades are manufactured from the latest grades of high alloy steel using advanced in-house heat treatment techniques and the state of art of high precision CNC and EDM cutting technology.

Profile Blade

• Steel corrugated roofs profiles

• Steel deck profiles

• Steel wave profiles

Metal Shear Blades

• Pre shear slitting line

• Post shear cut to length line

• Segment shear blade for shearing machines

Coil Feed Punching Machine

KOOSHA coil feed punching machine is a multi-axis punching flexible machine by using our unique smart punching tools. This type of machine is characterized by covering an area of more than 100% of the width of the coil, unlike other machines that do not exceed the coverage rate of 80%.

Using The Latest Technology In Motion Control For Single & Multiple Axis

• Fastest communications
• User friendly
• Integrated safety functions
• Manual I Auto Calibration
• Smart diagnostic system
• Remote axis to machine
• We use latest technology components of Siemens, BeckHoff or Schneider


• Punching cycle 600ms
• Material width from 80 mm to 1500 mm
• Material thickness range from 0.3 mm up to 4 mm
• Material (black steel, galvanized steel and coated steel)
• Number of punches are upon our client request
• Easy tool change
• Emboss punching to be added as an option
• Coil feed speed up to 200 m/min
• Separate servo motor for each punching head

Corrugated Forming Machines

KOOSHA steel decking & corrugated forming machines consist of uncoiler with coil car, straightener unit, notching unit, sheet guiding unit, roll forming unit, post cutting unit (fixed or flying shear), hydraulic station, PLC base controlling system and Staking system.

High forming stands guarantees the stability of forming operation and uniform high quality of final product.

We are able to secure higher productivity by different cutting methods.

Roll forming machine mainly makes metal sheet materials rolling into a variety of complex shaped products.Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing of roll forming machines.

Heat Treatment


• Heat treatment of steel is a very important process in which a thermal phase transformation takes place at different ranges of temperature according to the chemical composition of alloy.
• Enhancement of mechanical properties

• Increase hardness property of steel parts

• Obtain maximum strength and durability


• Full hardening
• Case hardening
• Induction hardening


• Heating of hardened parts up to certain temperature according to tempering chart to obtain ideal properties

Purlins Forming Machine

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing purlin roll forming machines.
We Manufacture standard forming machines, We also provide customized solutions upon our client requests as:

• Special and fast punching machines up to 12 axis multi punches
• Pre-cut and post cut system (fixed and flying systems)
• Forming from coils and pre punched and cut strips
• Close and open profiles

All Forming Line Accessories

• Uncoiler and recoiler (single arm, double arm, and double cone)
• Sheet metal straightener (different widths and thickness)
• Sheet metal feeder units
• Costume designed punching units (full automated or manually adjusted)
• Shear units (fixed and flying shear)
• Friction saw and cold saw


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- User-friendly graphical Interface - Graphical dynamic monitoring for machine status. - Plug and Play…

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