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LSEGYPT job is to provide your business with an energy efficient and safe solution.
LS Egypt proposal covers everything related to electrical power from refurbishments, home automation, energy management & security systems. Our teams are trained, dedicated specialists. Since 2008, our staff has implemented various technologies and gained extensive expertise in providing the suitable solutions.

Founded in Cairo, and expanded to Alexandria. Our services cover all over Egypt.

LSEGYPT Projects

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Villas & Apartments
  • Data Centers
  • Hotels



LSEGYPT Partners of Success


LSEGYPT Business Units

Smart Technologies Department

  • Home Automation
  • Sound Systems
  • Security Systems

Power Department

  • Energy Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Telecom Power Stations

Contracting Department

  • Residential Compounds
  • Administrative Building
  • Industrial Facilities


  • The right solution
  • The wellbeing of our customers and employees
  • The health and safety of our employees & environment


LS Egypt provides total solution for an energy efficient, power management and reliable control.

  • DC Power systems
  • Batteries Maintenance
  • Fuel level Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Power & Energy Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring Platform
  • Electrical Installation

Our teams are trained, dedicated specialists. Since 2008, our staff has implemented various technologies and gained extensive expertise in providing the suitable solutions.

Remote Monitoring Systems


  • Small Data Centers
  • IT Rooms
  • UPS Rooms
  • Cold Storage Rooms


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water Leakage
  • Air Flow sensors
  • Door Contact


  • Data Logging
  • Trends Reports
  • Alarm Notification
  • Cloud Portal


  • Web browsing
  • SNMP
  • Email
  • XML
  • SensDesk–IOT portal

Power & Energy Management



Monitoring, insight and control of your infrastructure

Vertiv Critical Insight is a real-time software platform designed to ensure continuous performance improvement for any critical infrastructure. It is a comprehensive web-based critical infrastructure monitoring and management tool designed to identify key operational behaviours, analyse trending, and manage energy usage.


  • Understand Inventory
  • Manage Capacity
  • Control Change
  • Take Action
  • Measure Performance
  • Show Improvements


Remote tank level mentoring

Monitor and log tank levels from anywhere in the world! No cloud needed!

Industrial Level Monitoring Solutions

ControlByWeb's level monitoring sensors and controllers provide a superior solution for any tank level monitoring needs. Monitor liquid levels with three different types of monitoring technologies: ultrasonic, float, and pressure. Whether you have an IBC tank, tote, or chemical injection tank ControlByWeb has the best local and remote level monitoring solution for your application.

Remote Level Monitoring & Pump Control

Pair a level sensor with a ControlByWeb controller to remotely monitor liquid levels, control pumps and valves to maintain tank levels, view log files, and send tank level information to existing monitoring systems. Program the device with our intuitive, built-in Task Builder and let the device control all logic, without needing to rely on any cloud services.

Choose the Best Sensor

Choosing the best level sensor technology for your application can be challenging, however we want to help make the selection process easy.

DC power Systems


Batteries Maintenance

  • Capacity Test
  • Acceptance Test
  • Remote battery test

Constant current load banks

  • Load bank 200 A
  • Load bank 600 A

Backup battery capacity reports, status report & life time reports

Electrical Installation

Smart AC Panels

Cables Routing

  1. Cable ladder
  2. -Cable tray
  3. Cable basket


Actassi Passive components for data systems


The Actassi structured cabling solution is a seamless end-to-end copper and fiber solution that is dynamic enough to address the needs from the technical room, through the building all the way to the data center. Actassi provides superior network performance with the security and reliability expected from a global Network Connectivity provider.

Video Conferencing system

Logitech Rally delivers studio-quality video, unmatched voice clarity, and Right Sense automation for better meetings with video conferencing applications that work with USB devices, including Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Skype®for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. With modular audio, thoughtful cable management and premium finishes, Rally integrates beautifully into medium and larger rooms.

Booking management system

Meeting room management made easy for everyone – the universal traffic light system literally leaves no room for interpretation. Grab a meeting room with the ease of two clicks

Booking management system


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