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Nasr Forging Co.


Nasr Forging Company has begun working in 1964 with a designed capacity of 12000 tons/year.

The factories area is about 501967 square meters on which the following production units has been erected:

  • Material preparation shop.
  • Chain cables and their accessories production shop.
  • Die forging shop.
  • Free forging shop.
  • Forged parts heat treatment shop.
  • Dies and spare parts heat treatment shop.
  • Machining shop.
  • Dies and spare parts manufacturing shop.

As well as the auxiliary service and management units.

Company Services:

  • Producing forged parts for automotive and vehicle industries such as :

    Rocker arm – pinion – crankshaft – camshaft – cross of the first drive – rear axle – cover for differential housing – release lever –
    rear spring shackle – geared arm – pump gear – hub of rear wheel – rear axle shaft – bevel toothed rim – draw hook – brake pedal lever –
    front axle – tractor parts…etc.

  • Producing forged and ready machined parts for railways such as :

    Buffer rod – screw coupling – suspension unit – draw hooks of different types – brake rod – brake lever – fish plate – base plate –
    fixing clips of different types …etc.

    • Producing gear and forged parts for machine building diesel engines and light vehicles industries.
    • Producing forged and machined gear for spinning and waving factories as well as transmission gear for metro and tramway wagons.
    • Supplying of forged and machined steel flanges for petroleum industries (blind – slip on – welding neck …etc) Welding neck of
      size ½ up to 12 inch while slip on and blind flanges up to 24 inch.
    • Producing insulator carrier for electrification projects.
    • Producing non – calibrated chains and their accessories (hook – swivel – shackle and link…etc) 6-40MM diameter.
    • Producing calibrated chains and their accessories 6-16 chain cables are manufactured under the supervision and approval of Lloyd’s
      register of shipping.
    • Producing heat – resistance chains for cement industry.
    • producing hammers and spare parts of mills for cement industry.
    • manufacturing of conveyors either pieces or assembled with buckets for cement, sub-ground drainage and sugar industries.
      Special chain links are produced for grain silos.







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