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Novo for Construction Chemicals – Novochem S.A.E. is one of the most fast-growing Egyptian incorporations in the
field of manufacturing and marketing chemical and petrochemical construction materials that used in building and
construction industries. Our products are manufactured according to the most recent recognized standards worldwide
with consulting of Egyptian and European Expertise.

Novochem was established in 2004 with Egyptian - Saudi Capitals. It aims to produce the-state-of-art technology in
the field of Building and manufacturing construction materials to the local and international markets by providing
the integrated technical packages of solutions to assist the specialists in constructing the safest, most qualified,
and durable buildings that last longer and longer.

In addition to providing these markets with highly qualified road construction substances that are manufactured
according to the universal standards of environment protection to perform developed long roads networks with little
cost in maintenance and longtime of service.

NovoChem's products are trusted by the consultants, contractors, engineers, and technicians in Egypt and abroad with
its qualified specifications and safety standards that based on the international recognized standards for the
environment's protection. We in NovoChem work with willpower and enthusiasm to provide products that protect the
real-state and human wealth according to our main principle “ our products are engineered to long lasting building”



NovoChem is taken the responsibility of providing national and international markets with the up-to-date chemical
and petrochemical construction materials to achieve the highest grades of safety and consistency using the state of
industrial art technologies. So this requires a continuous observance of introducing the most recent and suitable
products beside the technical awareness of specialists in building and road construction industries who always have
been regarding to the new in our field.


One of the important factors in NovoChem is to protect national and international real-state wealth with using the
qualified chemical and petrochemical substances that accomplish the highest degree of durability and consistency of
buildings, in addition to, developing the road construction substances that comply with the necessity of protecting
environment and producing the required substances for keeping this fortune. So this objective will not be achieved
without emphasizing the most precise standards of building and construction materials used in industry.

Our Clients


Our Products:

Bitumen Emulsion

  1. Novo Bituseal
  3. Novo Proof 100 HB
  4. Novo Proof SB 70
  5. Novo Proof 100 AD
  6. Novo Mul MC
  7. Novo Mul RC
  8. Novo Mul AE
  9. Novo Bit 100 - 300
  10. Novo bituseal F
  11. Novo Bit 1 -WBR


  1. Novo Plast R
  2. Novo Plast RD 2008
  3. Novo Plast GM
  4. Novo Plast SP
  5. Novo Plast SP 100
  6. Novo Plast SP 30 M
  7. Novo Plast WP
  8. Novo Plast AC

Plastic Paints

  1. Novo Putty P
  2. Novo LUX
  3. Novo Putty P 1
  4. Novo Latex Sealer
  5. Novo Lux Silk
  6. Novo Super Flat

Lacquer Paints

  1. Novo Coat G
  2. Novo Coat M1
  3. Novo Prime RF
  4. Novo Prime ZP 1
  5. Novo Cryl
  6. Novo Coat HG
  7. Novo ECO


  1. Novo Prime 150 LV
  2. Novo Prime EPW
  3. Novo Prime ZR 200
  4. Novo Floor SL 2
  5. Novo Floor SF 150
  6. Novo Floor SB 140
  7. Novo Floor SF 200
  8. Novo Floor PU-N

Cement Products

  1. Novo Grout 50
  2. Novo Grout 60
  3. Novo Grout 60 AG
  4. Novo Brush Coat
  5. Novo Brush Coat 1
  6. Novo Brush Coat XT
  7. Novo Tile UW
  8. Novo Tile
  9. Novo Tile Grout
  10. Novo Cem Coat
  11. Novo Hard Floor
  12. Novo Fair Top

Surface Treatment

  1. Novo Cure 50 - 100
  2. Novo Cure WB
  3. Novo Guard 20

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