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Omal Misr Group


Omal Misr Group was established in 2010 in the 6th of October city, as it was the first service and industrial entity in the Ministry of Trade and Industry that was licensed to manage and operate production lines in factories. Dreams and sectors followed to become Egyptian workers achieving a strategy of unifying service for the industrial investor.

Operations Sector

(Supplying trained technical workers for factories)

Operating the production lines in the factory through the presence of a qualified and trained team to work in your
factory is the most important thing for you as a factory owner or human resources manager
And it takes a lot of time and effort to reach that, but.. Omal Misr group has served it in various industrial areas
since 2010 and with its expertise and supply of trained technical labor within large factories, whether in different
industrial areas and multiple industries.. .. Omal Misr have different expertise and work teams that can It meets
the needs of your production team of manpower, trained operators and regular labor, through an organized team that
works to select and attract the best cadres you need according to the required specialization in the work.

The manpower supply services include the following items:

  1. Supplying production workers
  2. Supplying warehouse workers
  3. Supplying loading and aging workers
  4. Supplying cleaners
  5. Supplying security personnel
  6. seasonal labor supply

Rest assured that your factory will operate safely with the Omal Misr team in the operation sector in the Omal Misr Group ⚙️🇪🇬
The operation of your factory and the continuity of its productivity is a responsibility borne by the men of the Omal Misr Group.

Factories OMC Affiliated omal misr group

OMC Factories One of the investments of the Omal Misr Group in the uniform industry sector for factories and
companies, in the belief of the management and the group’s vision that specializing in one service for our consumers
gives us quality and preference in providing the best to our consumers

OMC Uniform Factory specializes in the following:

Manufacture of factory uniforms :

  1. (Worker suit - Puck - Vest - T-shirt - Security allowance - Baltoa)
  2. Manufacturing hospital and laboratory uniforms (Nursing scrub - white coat - medical masks)
  3. Manufacture of uniforms for hotels and tourist villages
  4. Manufacture of sports club uniforms
  5. In addition to printing or embroidering the logo


Our Clients



    قطاع التشغيل في عمال مصر سهل عليا كتير
    تشغيل خط إنتاج مصنعي بعد تعاقدي معاهم ومستمرين معاهم إنشاء الله.
    شركة ممتازة وخدماتها محترمة
    شكرا عمال مصر

    eman essam

    فكر محترم ومتطور لخدمة المستثمرين والمصنعين ليس في مصر فقط ولكن في الوطن العربي اتمنا لكم ولشخص المهندس هيثم حسين كل التوفيق والازدهار

    ghamed bdear

    OMAL MISR is a good company that provides services to investors and manufacturers who want to invest in industrial fields in Egypt. Go to OMAL MISR and you will find a lot of help , you will succeed with them
    thanks OMAL MISR

    Youssef Mahmoud

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Omal Misr

Omal Misr Group was established in 2010 in the city of Sixth of October, as…

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