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Prokem is a national leading supplier of chemical systems and formulations in the construction industry

Prokem range of products is the results of more than 25 years of experience in research, product development, testing and utilization of recourses

Prokem has an expert team of engineers who offer exceptional, specially tailored solutions from our products that are cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly


Group 1 : Concrete Admixtures Group 2: Release And Curing
Kem Flow•, KemFume •, KemProof •, ProFiber•, PCI, CrystalSea1• KemCure•, KemRel•
Group 3: Bonding Agents Group 4:Repair & Corrosion Inhibitors
Kem Bond •, Kem Latex• KemRepair•, KemCrete •, PCI, CorroBond •, CarboComb•, KemKleen•
Group 5: Grouts & Anchoring Group 6:Flooring
KemGrout•,KemGrip•, Kemlnject• KemFloor•, KemPatch, ProPatch•, KemTrack•,

ProDeco•, KemFloor•Novolac, KemCrete•, SportCoat•

Group 7: Protective Group 8: WaterProofing
KemCoat •, KemRust•, Prothan, KemPutty•,

KemLac•, KemCoat•Novolac, KemPrim•, ProAcid •

KemSeal •,CrystalSeal•, KemRoof •, KemPlug•, PoolCoat•, DecaProot•, Bituseal•
Group 9: Decorative Coating Group 10: Jointing & Tiling
ProSiva•, Protex•, ProCoat•, KemFelt•,

Proviato•, ProStucco•, ProPlaster•, ProFinish.,, lnPlast•,DecaCoat•, Prefex•

ProFlex•, KemStop•, KemTile.,,KemJoint.,
Group 11: Heat, Fire and Acoustic Proofing Group 12: Nano Products
Thermodry•, Properl •, AntiRadiation, DecaProof• SurfaGuard•, SurfaShield•,SurfaPore•, SurfaMix•


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Prokem Specialty

PROKEM is one of the leading independent manufacturers of the building chemical products in Egypt.

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