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SCIS Group is a well-established company based in Egypt since 1995. We are leaders in the water treatment technologies.
SCIS group is an EPC contractor partners with the American Company (Pall Corporation) who is the world leader in surface water treatment using the Ultra & Nanoflitration technologies to produce potable water as well as the Cypriote Company (Hydrotech) specialized in waste & Industrial water treatment using the aerobic & Anaerobic treatment technology.
We provide technical solutions for treating primary sea water, brackish water, well water, surface water and secondary wastewater utilizing membrane separation technologies – microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis – together with chemical conditioning and mechanical filtration, producing high quality drinking water and desalinated pure water for industrial and agricultural purposes.
SCIS delivers cost effective, reliable water treatment plants and services to municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and institutional customers in Egypt, Middle East, Africa and Gulf area.
SCIS is also involved in undertaking the full operation and maintenance of the sold plants through Build-Own and Operate (BOO), Built-Own-Operate-and Transfer (BOOT) and Operating and Maintenance (O & M) contracts.
SCIS has already designed, built & delivered more than 45 potable water plants ranging from 5 MLD up to 40 MLD to the Egyptian government throughout the republic.

Welcome to SCIS Group

SCIS GROUP believes that trading in industrial specialties [ampersand] commodities is a key element in the world economy.

Business Development

SCIS GROUP believes that trading in industrial specialties [ampersand] commodities is a key element in the world economy.

Why us?

Over the past few years, SCIS has had the foresight to predict the needs of individual customers. It is no longer sufficient to do business based on order fulfilment – we treat each customer and potential customer as unique.

Our Business Model

We are tailoring our products to suite our customers need as per their business environment.

Our Professionals are ready!

Providing human and technical expertise to help each customer to get the best out of our products.

Business Terms

Establishing long term relationships with our customers by ensuring timely supply of products, expertise and innovations.


Industrial Products

Despite improving economic conditions, critical industry issues are continuing to impact the demand and profitability of industrial products and services companies. Global financial uncertainty, combined with volatile demand, remain a marketplace reality.
As companies seek to elevate their competitiveness while increasing shareholder value, they can rely on SCIS's global network of experienced professionals to assist with their complex business needs.

Machinery & Equipment

SCIS has identified the machinery and equipment (M&E) industry to be one of the key areas for growth and development. The growth will focus on the manufacture of high value-added and high technology M&E.
SCIS's competitive edge lies in its ability to provide engineering design services with R&D, high skilled and knowledgeable workforce, and high technology and high quality production at lower cost.

  • Industrial Water
  • Waste Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Sea Water

Water Treatment

Water is the universal fluid. As it becomes increasingly scarce, new ways to conserve, reclaim, and utilize untapped sources are urgently needed. Membrane technologies provide a means to achieve each of these goals.

Membrane technology has become a dignified separation technology over the past decade. The main force of membrane technology is the fact that it works without the addition of chemicals, with a relatively low energy use and easy and well-arranged process conductions. Membrane technology is rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the world as the most effective and economical water treatment method available. The degree of purification required generally determines what level of filtration is appropriate for a particular application:

  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • MBR

SCIS provides customers with their requirements for water – whether for drinking, power generation, or manufacturing a broad range of industrial, Water Recycling, Wastewater Treatment and Sea water Desalination. Our water processing technology platform leverages core technologies, like the highly permeable hollow-fiber microfiltration membranes in Pall Aria™ water treatment systems, to meet their varied and vast needs.
SCIS recognizes the complexities and implications of effective water management. We have considerable experience and broad capabilities to assist water users everywhere with removing contaminants, meeting regulations, and conserving this vital resource.

Wastewater Treatment:
SCIS offers the most comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of applications across many cities, municipals and industries.

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