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Simon Company for Electric Wires & conductors.


Simon Company for Electric Wires & conductors.
Primacy and Leadership in the industry of electrical wires.
Founded in 1997 under the leadership of its owner Mr. Sabry Bandary, but despite of the relatively short time in the electric wires market, the extending experience of its founder, that goes back for more than forty years in the field of manufacturing and insulating electrical wires and conductors, takes the company to the forefront of all the electric wires manufacturers in Egypt.
Through the use of the latest production and insulating wires machines, and using the finest raw materials, we are proud to introduce our production of the highest quality wires to every one, a production in conformity with all the industrial standards of the modern age. And through the diversity of our production of various wires, we offer all the solutions needed for all requirements of electricity, which covers all uses, on all levels, whether for home or industrial uses.


To be present in every corner in Egypt and Abroad, providing products to customers, ensuring their satisfaction & fulfillment of all their needs & requirements, at a competitive prices.


To work hard to always meet our customers’ requirements, and assist them in every possible way, to ensure their satisfaction.


"Quality and safety", the slogan we all work to provide, and the main concern for each and every one works within our company, and this is achieved through the application of the latest accurate methods of control and calibration, to provide a production identical to all Egyptian and Western specifications and standards.

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Products / Services

  • Single core flexible wires (P.V.C insulated)
  • Single core flexible fine threads wires (100 M)
  • Multi core flexible telephone wires
  • Double core flexible stranded wires
  • Double core flatted flexible thermo cables
  • Double core flatted flexible Speakers wires (2 colors)
  • Single core flexible fine threads wires (30 M)
  • Double core flatted flexible transparent wires
  • Multi core flexible thermo cables (2, 3, 4 cores)


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