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Sunrise Solar Solutions


SunRise Solar Solutions

SunRise is an Egyptian Joint Liability Company specialized in providing integrated solar energy solutions, founded in

SunRise is qualified by “New and Renewable Energy Authority” in Engineering, Procurement and Installation of all
solar photovoltaic systems. It provides solar water heating systems as well. It serves all governmental, commercial,
industrial and residential sectors.

SunRise Solar Solutions

Believing in green environment sustainability and human responsibilities towards it; we work to make clean energy
solutions available for everyone.

Our Products:

products sunrise

  • Solar PV On-grid Systems: It’s very cost effective energy saving solution to reduce up to 100% of high electricity bills in industrial & commercial buildings.
    The system generates electricity from sun’s light & you pay for the monthly net consumption only. With low payback period starts from 3-4 years, you then get your electricity free for more than 20 years.
    It has minimum maintenance effort and cost.
  • Solar PV Off-grid Systems: it works without availability of electricity grid with batteries to operate electrical loads in remote areas or works to pump water in daytime in irrigation.
  • Solar Water Heating: it uses sun’s heat energy to heat up water to be used for domestic applications or preheating in industrial applications.

Our Services:

service sunrise

  • Site survey and needs assessment: we make site surveys and deep investigation of customer needs and available resources
  • Technical and commercial advisory services: we offer our recommendation that best fit customer needs
  • System design and simulation: we have great experience in how to design and use all your free space to get the optimum solution
  • Procurement & installation: we take care of all safety precautions and we implement turn key projects in shortest possible period
  • Operation and maintenance: we offer one year free follow up and maintenance for our solar plants and can offer maintenance contracts
  • Training and consultation: we have well qualified & experienced trainers that can deliver successful courses


Believing in green environment sustainability and human responsibilities towards it; we work to make clean energy solutions available for everyone.


  • Provide new models of clean solutions that best fit customer needs.
  • Provide best consultation to customers to get most efficient solutions.


SunRise is qualified by “New & Renewable Energy Authority” to work in procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems and connecting them to the national electricity grid.

Founder’s team

SunRise founders’ team has the key qualifications of renewable energy systems through education, training and total 15 years of founders’ team experience. In addition, they have wide knowledge, expertise and the top-notch skills that enable them to execute successful solar energy projects.

Ayman Azzam

Cofounder and Managing

ayman azzam

He has more than 8 years of professional experience in International Organization which enabled him to start the new business. Through more than 5 years of experience in solar energy sector, he can provide best benefits to market and society. He has delivered “Solar PV On-grid System Design” Training for 80+ Engineers from Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy in 2018.
He’s passionate about connecting education with business to get the most benefits for the people. He’s complete his MBA in 2018 and “New and Renewable Energy Diploma” in 2016. He’s certified by RENAC, Germany in solar PV and solar water heating systems design and installation.

Mina Raouf

Cofounder and Projects Manager

mina raouf

He has worked in the solar energy industry for 5 years, gaining experience in design, installation and commissioning.

He is passionate about developing new innovative solutions powered by solar energy and creating a great awareness to the Egyptian society about the benefits of renewable energies and how to keep our planet green
He loves to be a scientific based person, so he has completed his renewable energy diploma at Ain-Shams University and another courses in design and installation of PV and solar heating systems.


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