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What is TFI?

Tanbo Food Ingredients is a food manufacturing corporation specialized in manufacturing dehydrated onion with the
"highest quality" from Egypt.


With more than thirty years of experience in the processed food industry, Tanbo Food Ingredients founder, Mr. Hesham
El Tanbouly is known worldwide for quality products in terms of Dehydrated Onion and customer’s care worldwide.
Since we have sold our old facilities and this is the newest and third facility we are building from scratch in
Egypt, Mr. Hesham Eltanbouly along with his family and second generation have partnered with one of the largest
agriculture companies in Egypt called Agrofood in order to achieve a fully traceable and sustainable
conventional/organic product controlled from seeds to finished goods for our satisfied customers.


is to exploit new ideas of dehydrated vegetables and especially dehydrated onion since this is what we are known for
globally. Our dynamic product development team aims to deliver taste, color, and quality that delight our customers
around the globe. Many products were created in close cooperation with our current customers globally which helped
us obtain different options for our customers. We have been working with our expertise from Germany and Japan
through our R&D program in order to overcome all the obstacles we faced in Dehydration in the past to meet our
customer’s need. With Tanbo Food Ingredients exceptional use of agriculture partnership and controlling a product
from seed to finished goods, highest quality products were achieved.


Tanbo Food Ingredients is professional in producing dehydrated onion with extra low bacteria and free from any
additives. With our new modern facility, we became also competitive with our specialized production not only in
Egypt but also in all the world's market. Our products are distributed globally, and our clients are mainly the
first-class sector in the food industry. Our factory is headquartered in 6th of October city in a private industrial
zone area called CPC.
We treasure our customers dearly and we ensure that our products are up to high standards and that our customers'
needs are met. Our consumer market is diversified through 6 continents which include Europe, USA, Asia, Canada,
South America, Middle East, and Africa.


Our agriculture partners, Agrofood, are one of the largest agriculture companies in Egypt with more than 25 years
experience exporting fresh vegetables to Europe and UK. They have more than 5000 hectares of reclaimed new virgin
lands and its farms and pack houses all around Egypt allows them to ensure a continuous supply of raw material to
Tanbo Food Ingredients facility all the way from November till July.
Agrofood is the first and biggest company in Egypt to focus on organic product in accordance to
International quality systems.They are certified SEDEX, Organic, Tesco Nature Choice, Field to Fork, Global Gap.






We use machinery that are eco-friendly only and grow our own onions in desert areas to give back to the


We act responsibly by ensuring all our staff are trained with HACCP food principles since food and hygiene is our
philosophy and by giving back to the community by acting sustainably

Customer Focus

We are well known for our customer's service since we consider their success as our success


We have more than 30 years experience in this field and still exploring new ideas with the latest technology


We love what we do and we believe in ourselves and our customers




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