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The General Co. for Ceramic and Porcelain Products (SHEENI)


The General Company for Ceramic and Chinese Products is one of the listed companies in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
The Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries owns 57.3% of the shares and Misr Insurance Company 7.2% and 0.5% for some banks
in addition to 35% for individuals. The company is engaged in the production of a wide range of products, including porcelain tableware,
sanitary ware (bathroom sets) and ceramics flooring and walls in glazes.

The company has three factories within its walls:

  • The first factory:

    For the production of ceramic tiles for walls, floors, ministries and different sizes with a production capacity of 7 million square meters
    per year (Ceramic Marseille), and 30% of it is exported to more than ten Arab and African countries.

  • The second factory:

    Sanitary ware factory (bathroom sets), which produces the bathroom sets in solid colors and decorated and and basins of different sizes
    and accessories sets production capacity of 9 thousand tons annually, 50% of which are exported.

  • The third factory:

    The home appliances factory of porcelain. The tableware is produced in different forms for the houses. Porcelain sets are also produced
    for the big hotels in Egypt and abroad and for the tourist villages, Vases and antiques are produced in this factory as well.

    Export 10% of the production of this factory to some European countries.

Quality Certificates

The company is ISO 9001/2000 certified

Main Products:

  • Sanitary ware
  • Floors and Walls Ceramic
  • Vases
  • Decorative ceramics

Sustainability and social responsibility

    • The company’s environmental protection policy is environmentally compatible and does not have any environmental problems as it has spent on
      environmental protection work of nearly 5 million pounds.


    • Training employees: trains the employees internally in the company’s sections and through specialized experts and outside the company
      in different training bodies and also trains specialized technical workers outside Egypt in Germany, Italy.


  • Applying corporate governance principles to control the relationship between shareholders and the Board of Directors, as well as guaranteeing
    the rights of all parties involved in the Company and affected by its activities and practices.







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