Minister of Immigration participates in the opening of a factory in Suez to produce isolated aluminum panels

Regarding the continuation of the conference “Egypt Can” and gathering the advantages concerning collaboration with Egyptian industrialists abroad, Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel Shahid, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs abroad, participated in the launch of the manufacturing unit of the Egyptian- Chinese corporation for isolated aluminum panels “Goodsense Egypt” placed in the area of expansions Ataqa at Suez Governorate.

In the attendance of Mr. General Abdul Majid Saqr, Governor Of Suez, yet a representative of the Arab Manufacturing Authority, in addition to Mr. Mohamed Sherif Saleh, Managing Director of the Egyptian- Chinese company and variety of company officials, public figures and industrialists withing Egypt and heads of Egyptian and global consulting businesses and offices.

Mr. Mohamed Sherif Saleh started his speech all through the opening, welcoming The Minister of Immigration then thanking her sincerely because of the support and support, as well as Eng. Bashar Kayali, an legitimate of the company or factory “Goodsense Egypt” genuinely thanked his Excellency the Minister of Immigration for supporting them after facilitate their access in the Egyptian market, and according to promote investment in Egypt, because global investments are a vital pillar to benefit in increasing future visions to modernize Egyptian industry and increase its competitiveness, specially in light on the widespread improvement concerning the world financial system based on technologies. Modern, as well as the possibility concerning beginning instant export markets to the Egyptian product, and rubbing overseas industrial funding to Egypt.

General Abdel Majid Saqr, Governor of Suez, invited the Minister of Immigration to promote attracting greater investments to the industrial sector between Suez City, and pledged to support any investors, specially Egyptians abroad whichever need to establish manufacturing initiatives in the province, pointing out the value over these initiatives of providing jobs because young people and strengthening the improvement plans of the province.

Ambassador Nabila Makram congratulated the commencement of the factory, as she pledged to promote investment opportunities within the province, including that this coincides with the ministry’s organization of the activities concerning the conference “Egypt can industry”, the sixth version of the series of conferences “Egypt can”, where the industry file was once chosen this time in order to maintain on with the vision of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi into the activity into the development regarding Egyptian industry, specifically as it represents the locomotive concerning improvement over the national economy.

She said: “We have started to implement the activities of the Conference of Egypt can industry in cooperation with all ministries and concerned authorities such as trade, industry, military production, business sector, The Arab Manufacturing Authority and the Federation of Egyptian Industries to listen to their technical vision in the conference axes and identify the disciplines that are addressed by experts abroad, and we have so far held three virtual dialogue seminars with our experts and scientists abroad in which we discussed industrial investment, the development of the textile industry and the localization of the automotive industry.”

At the end of the events, the Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Nabila Makram, was awarded the Shield of Honor in recognition on her role and efforts in connecting Egyptian industrialists and investment men around the world to theirs homeland in order to make the most of theirs experiences in light of the massive development in the volume of national initiatives under way within Egypt.

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