OMG participates in the Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Conference


Eng. Haitham Hussein, CEO of the Omal Misr Group represented OMG and the Egyptian business sector in Istanbul at the fifteenth Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Forum to transfer its experience in management and operation of production lines to four Arab countries. Eng. Haitham Hassan is one of the most prominent Egyptian industrialists to open new horizons for commercial and industrial cooperation between the Arab countries and Egypt that befits Egypt’s name, people and history.

The events of the Conference included:

    • Began with the holding of bilateral sessions between the symbols of industry and economy.


    • OMG CEO met with the Arab Community and presented OMG’s services to the most important symbols of the industrial and economic entities present and these innovative and comprehensive services were praised by the industrial investors and factory owners, and valued the thoughtand vision of OMG in serving the Egyptian national industry, noting that the results of the participation were more than we expected, and the most prominent results were thanks to God and His success, according to the CEO Eng.Haitham Hussein.


  • Eng. Haitham Hussein held:
    • 48 meetings with owners and managers of Turkish factories and companies.
    • 20 meetings with businessmen and delegations of the participating Arab countries
    • 7 consultative sessions aiming to correct the mental image of the Egyptian market and the obstacles facing investment in it, stressing that the Egyptian market has become a promising market and that things have completely changed in Egypt, in addition to the Egyptian government establishing a strong infrastructure in all sectors and roads and establishing 15 integrated industrial cities in all governorates of Egypt, as well as Egypt making unprecedented facilities for foreign investors and a strong package of incentives for any investor who intends to enter the industry in Egypt.
      He also wanted to change the mental image of Egyptian labor and Egyptian youth, saying that there are now great energies of young people with scientific, practical and cultural capabilities in Egypt.

    Haitham Hussein
    Turkish-Arab Economic

    The conference’s meetings agreements:

  • On the side of OMG, their thoughts were directed towards the existence of the presence of OMG’s services model for investors in industry and in Turkey, which made the Turkish Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry and President of the Conference “SABUHI ATTAR” to agree with us to establish the same idea of this model in Turkey under the name (Turkey workers to serve factories).
  • An agreement was reached with the President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Sultanate of Oman M. Reda bin Juma Al Saleh to start the construction of the same model of the OMG’s service complex for industry in the Sultanate of Oman, with the value of the land given free of charge as part of this project’s plan to establish 3 free zones in the Sultanate.
  • Among the important meetings was the agreement with the Sudanese delegation headed by Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Sudani of establishing the Egyptian Industrial Workers School in Sudan, as well as the establishment of a factory for the manufacture of ready-made clothes, especially the Sudanese robes, and the education of Sudanese women in the craft of making clothes.
  • Then, as part of the Arab plan, an agreement was reached with the Iraqi delegation and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association (Iraqi Businessmen) and consultation on the possibility of Egyptian-Iraqi cooperation and investment in the Egyptian market by establishing an industrial complex to package food products.
  • On the Turkish side, an agreement was reached with one of the largest Turkish factories specialized in the manufacture of organic fertilizers to transfer the technology of the fertilizer industry to the Egyptian market while OMG will prepare the manufacture land and the labor force and the Turkish side will transfer production lines and technology in this industry to Egypt to serve farmers and industry in Egypt.
  • Then an agreement was reached with a factory specialized in the manufacture of agricultural equipment and machinery in Turkey to transfer the manufacturing technology to Egypt, while OMG that the group of Egyptian workers prepare the land and labor force and the Turkish side with the technology for the manufacture of agricultural machinery as well.
  • A meeting was held with a group of investment factories specialized in the manufacture of food production lines, and a vision was set for the transfer of manufacturing to be in Egypt instead of importing it.
  • The conference activities were concluded by honoring the head of OMG Eng. Haitham Hussein from the Turkish Ministry of Trade, Industry and Regulatory Administration.
  • Eng. Haitham Hussein commented saying:
    “Talk to them in thought, disagree with them in action, and befriend them with your vision and aspirations. A great responsibility, we were up to the honesty and we convinced everyone that Egypt has capabilities and capabilities that must be taken advantage of, and who disagree with Egypt’s people and leadership is the loser”

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