“Real Estate” topped the stock exchange traded sector, with 705 million pounds sterling

The real estate sector topped the Egyptian Stock Exchange trading sector in terms of volume last week, as it recorded 337.9 million deals worth 705.3 million pounds. The banking financial services sector came in second place with 438.5 million deals worth 688.4 million pounds, while the banking sector came in third place with 13.1 million transactions worth 439.9 million pounds, followed by the communications, media and information technology sector with 114.9 million articles worth 322.2 million pounds. Followed by tourism and entertainment with 58.8 million articles worth 322.2 million pounds. 305.6 million pounds sterling.

In sixth place were services, industrial products and cars with 134.4 million transactions worth 271.6 million pounds, followed by health care and medicines with 96.3 million transactions worth 236.8 million pounds and then basic resources, the volume reached 24 million with a sales volume of 207.5 million pounds, followed by the sector Food, Beverage and Tobacco with 48.3 million and a turnover of 191.4 million pounds, followed by the contracting and engineering sector with revenues of 169.3 million executive documents with 77.1 million pounds.

The Paper and Packaging & Utilities sectors were the last with 13.4 million papers worth 7.7 million pounds, and the second with 212,400 papers worth 7.1 million pounds.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange is the leading market in the region, where there are many registered investors from individuals, financial institutions and investment funds, the listing helps to provide many advantages, including: assisting industrial, commercial and service entities that need financing for sustainable growth, and diversifying what is available from them . funding sources.

Issuance on the stock exchange helps to expand the company’s ownership base, enhance the company’s performance, strengthen the principles of transparency and governance systems, and diversify its resources.

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