Sherif Delawr explained how ForsaHub will contribute positively in the Egyptian Economy

The great Egyptian Thinker in Economic Development Sherif Delawar pointed out how major crisis and disasters constituted opportunities for new ideas and innovations that have led to a radical transformations in human life.

He also added that Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the energy, and increased the unemployment and poverty rates whether in large, medium, small, or productive organizations, which led to deterioration in the economic and social environment in the world.

“During the year 2020, I spotted positive points despite this epidemic, exemplified by the creativity of the wonderful youth in creating applications, programs, and platforms launched by pioneers of new generations, especially here in Egypt.”  ̶  Sherif Delawr

Then he mentioned that ForsaHub platform has added additional opportunities to our national economy through sharing economy approach with all its associated technologies, and how it works by linking the energy levels that were disrupted and unexploited even before the Covid-19.

Also he highlighted that connectivity is pillar of the present and future, and it’s what ForsaHub is doing in several fields like supply chain, manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, human resources, and support services for building and construction with complete clarity and transparency.

He disclosed the video by congratulating this new project and hoped for contributing in the Egyptian economy and increasing its gross product as a result of the exploitation of disrupted energies.




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