Supply: We will not recognize the traditional stamp for goldsmiths after the end of the laser stamping project

The gold market, consumers and gold market followers are in disarray, with the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi announcing the application of the laser stamping system within a year regarding the fate of buying unsealed gold by laser, especially given the large amount of gold in the market for unsealed gold lasers.

1 – The stamping and weighing department requires the manufacturer to stamp the work with a laser.

2 – Applying laser sealing within a year from now.

3 – After applying the new system, the traditional seal will not be used.

4- Recognize the previous golden seal so that the new method is used to change the work of the department.

5- Gold works with old seals owned by merchants and consumers are valid and recognized and do not require any action regarding them.

6 – Laser stamping is an additive and qualitative development that requires greater precision and stricter control.

The Minister of Supply, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, revealed the duration of the transitional phase for the adoption of laser stamping in gold jewellery, saying: “There is a transitional phase, up to a year,” but the adoption of the traditional “pen” stamp will remain parallel. On laser-stamping, even artifacts that are not laser-stamped. After that, it was decided not to adopt traditional stamps. ”

In response to a question about the situation of citizens who own unsealed goods, the minister said in a televised speech: “I believe that the man who owns all the gold is stamped because he buys it from a merchant who takes over the seal and measures the interest. The claim and the imposition of a small fee.”

The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, announced that it had been agreed with the General Directorate of Jewelry to hold an exhibition and conference for jewelry from February 29 to 21 to announce a new stage in the jewelry industry. The goldsmiths industry, where there are obstacles in the industry and cooperation between the ministry, seals and scales. During this period, there will be a meeting in the presence of local and international experts and designers to announce what is happening in Egypt in this field. a personality.

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