Chairman of Board of Directors Omal misr group receives a delegation of Jordanian investors

[ENG / Haitham Hussein] Chairman of Board of Directors Omal misr group receives a delegation of Jordanian investors, owners of the [Egyptian Jordanian Engineering Industries] factory, to obtain the services of the Egyptian Workers’ Complex
The Egyptian Industrial Workers Complex received this morning
Mr. [Gamed Badir] Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Jordanian Factory for Engineering Industries, accompanied by Mr. [Ahmed Heshmat], Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and a number of the factory’s administrative cadres. They were received by a delegation of the most important cadres of Egypt’s administrative workers and managers of the departments concerned with the group, headed by the head of the Egypt Workers Group [ M / Haitham Hussein]

The visit was aimed at obtaining the services provided by Egyptian workers to industrial investors in Egypt, identifying the activities and sectors of the Egyptian Industrial Workers’ Complex, and benefiting from the experiences of Egyptian workers in managing and operating production lines in factories.

The Jordanian Egyptian Factory for Engineering Industries is one of the most important and largest factories specialized in engineering industries and manufacturing – vehicle spare parts – in the industrial zone in Abu Rawash.


After the reception ceremony was completed, the delegation headed to the meeting room, and the activities of the meeting began between the managers of the labor sectors of the Egyptian Workers Group and the delegation of the Egyptian Jordanian factory. I have to serve the employment sector in the Egyptian workers to manage and operate the factory production lines, and within the framework of providing the services of the Egyptian workers to the factory and supplying it with trained human cadres to operate the factory production lines comes the expansion in obtaining the services of the Egyptian Workers’ Complex.

[M / Haitham Hussein] On the importance of cooperation and opening new horizons for joint work with the Jordanian Egyptian Factory for Engineering Industries, a group within the scope of operating the factory’s production lines and supplying human resources to work in the manufacture of auto parts. “Hussain” emphasized that Egypt’s workers through their presence in the industrial areas Since 11 years, it has had a lot of experience in various industries, including the manufacture of vehicle spare parts. It is necessary to transfer expertise and supply trained and specialized technical personnel in operating vehicle spare parts production lines.
Ghamed stated that he is fully confident in dealing with a large industrial entity the size of the Egyptian Workers Complex, because of their strong sales and experience in the industrial service market over 11 years in serving the industry in operating factory production lines.

Managing the human cadre and qualifying it for the production process within the factories that produce or companies that provide logistic services and qualifying it for the labor market in general
The joint work between (Egypt workers and the Jordanian-Egyptian factory) is a responsibility borne by both parties for the success and expansion of the horizons of joint cooperation, due to the importance of the stage witnessed by the Egyptian state in terms of support for industry, manufacturers, investment and investors during the stage. He stressed that cooperation between the two parties and expanding the scope of joint work leads to expansion and increase projects and thus increase job opportunities for Egyptian youth

The two parties also reviewed ways of cooperation and joint work and a long-term plan to work between the Egyptian workers’ group of Jordanian-Egyptian factories to benefit and exchange services between the two groups in the fields of work and achieve federation of union, cooperation and exchange between economic entities.

Then the delegation of Jordanian investors headed towards the program of visits to the Egyptian Workers’ Complex, accompanied by Mr. Haitham Hussein, head of the Egypt Workers Group, to take a tour of the complex and learn about the sectors and departments on the ground actually.

The tour began in the complex in the (administration offices corridor) with the group that serves all the activities and projects of Egypt’s workers, and then the delegation headed to the (investment and investor service sector) and the vision and planning of Egypt’s workers for this sector was explained to provide all the requirements and needs that any investor and eternal are looking for. Ghamed “is very impressed and impressed by the thought and vision of Egypt’s workers, which it implements in this sector of innovative and comprehensive services provided to industrial investors and factory owners. Then he headed towards (Ibrahim El-Feki Conference Hall) in the complex, where the delegation expressed great admiration for the engineering drawings of the hall, including a library of commercial and industrial books. Established within the complex to be a meeting place for all manufacturers and investors within the Egyptian Workers’ Complex

Then he went to the production lines (OMC factories) to get acquainted with and watch the production process inside the factories, passing through the production lines of medical masks, the production lines of uniforms, ready-made clothes and other industries in the factory … etc.
Then to (OMC factories outlite products exhibition, which contains all the products and parts that were implemented and manufactured by Egyptian hands inside OMC factories, and at the end of the visit, “Ahmed Heshmat” the Egyptian partner in the Adrian factory expressed his great admiration for the thought and vision of Egypt’s workers that it implements in the “Workers Complex Model Egypt ”
One of the innovative and comprehensive services provided to industrial investors directed towards serving the national industry in Egypt, and he stressed his determination to accelerate the pace of joint work with the group in the work space to reap the best results as a result of cooperation in a not long time.

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