The Minister of General Trade witnesses the signing of 10 agreements between “Jusoor” and logistics service providers logistics

Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of General Trade, witnessed the signing of several agreements with Jusoor Company (formerly El Nasr Import and Export Company) affiliated to the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport, one of the companies affiliated with the Ministry of General Trade – and for foreign trade, distributors in the industry cooperate with international and local companies and institutions that provide logistics and banking services and insurance to boost Egyptian exports.

Jusoor signed its first contract with Misr Insurance Company, the largest local insurance company (part of the ministry), to provide insurance services for goods offered, promotional and transported by Jusoor, in addition to the National Bank of Egypt, the largest financial institution, through its internal branch network and correspondent bank network that Provides export financing and payment settlement services, especially for small and medium businesses.

The signed contracts also include cooperation with international companies that provide logistical services, including “Schenker Egypt” and “Seva Egypt”, to provide customs clearance, land transport and warehousing services in the countries of arrival, starting with Cameroon, Ghana and the United Arab Emirates. France and China as a first stage.

Jusoor has signed agreements with international commodity inspection companies such as Peru Veritas Egypt, SGS Egypt, Cotecna Egypt, commodity inspection and conformity assurance in the CIS to provide virtual and technical commodity inspection services. In addition to providing integrated shipping services (LCL) with the Marine and Engineering Services Company (MSCO).

The minister explained that these services fall within the framework of Jusoor’s new business model, which provides a comprehensive service of brokerage, marketing, transportation and logistics services, which helps open new and unconventional markets for Egyptian products. . Countries of the world as a major, effective and strategic partner for Egyptian exporters to increase the penetration of Egyptian products. Access to foreign markets through the company’s overseas branch network and an efficient team of distinguished experts that provide a range of unconventional integrated solutions related to promotional, logistical and financial issues of the highest possible quality and at the lowest cost.

He added that Jusoor is preparing to use its electronic platform (institutional transactions) with a B2B system in 16 branches around the world in late February 2022, and it has appointed branch managers. Citizens or residents of these countries.

Tawfik said that the ministry will launch an electronic catalog in June 2021 to promote and promote promising Egyptian products in the global market. In accordance with the latest international standards, free catalog registration is provided for Egyptian products and their production inputs, in order to promote the entry of products from small, medium and micro enterprises to the international market.
These services also include a package of integrated logistics services provided by the company to the export sector and provide services to Egyptian exporters, starting with export land transport services from the factory gate to the export port, through sea and air transport services, including in addition to that. to cargo consolidation services, and also provides warehousing, financial and insurance services. Cooperating with various related financial entities and institutions.

The signing ceremony was attended by Major General Salah El-Din Helmy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport, Basil El-Hini, Chairman and Managing Director of Misr Insurance Holding Company, and Omar Gouda, Managing Director of Misr. Insurance Company and Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Egypt Yahya Aboul Fotouh.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Khaled Morsi, Ahmed Abdel Tawab, Iman Mohamed, Shankar Egypt, Sefa Misr, Ainal Darwish, Maged Naguib, Marine and Engineering Services Company (MESCO), Sherif Al-Diwany, Walid Attia and Cotecna Egypt. About Yasser Yassin. Abdel-Aal Mohamed El-Sayed, Dr. Akram Mortada, Richard Mubarak, Sherif Othman and Abdel-Latif El-Shafi on behalf of Peru Veritas Egypt, Walid Ismail and Mahmoud El-Bahti on behalf of SGS Egypt CIS Inspection of Commodities. Among the “Quality Assurance” companies: Osama Al-Saeed and Mohamed Saad.

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