The most important stages of paper industry

Papers are of great importance in human life, as they are among the necessary things that surround us and can never be dispensed with, but most of us are completely ignorant of some of the stages of preparing and making paper.

Paper Definition

Paper is a thin interlocking material made of cellulose fibers extracted from trees and plants. Paper is characterized by its many uses, in printing and writing, wall covering, paper bag making, and other uses.

The history of the paper industry

The first appearance of paper was in the first century AD, exactly in China, by the Chinese, “Tai Lun”, by breaking the bark of mulberry trees and making them in the form of a leaf, and after a while this Chinese discovered that there is a way to improve the quality and efficiency of the paper by adding hemp to the pulp.

Thus, the use of paper spread to the rest of the world as a means of writing, and the first paper-making factory was established in Aruba in 1493.

Paper Making Stages

As we know, leaves are made from tree trunks, and the following is a presentation of the most important steps and stages of converting tree trunks into paper pulp:

Logging Stage

The first step to making paper is to cut down trees and take them to paper mills.

Abstraction Stage

This step is performed by using a stripping machine, with the aim of removing tree bark efficiently and quickly.

Chopping Stage

In this step, the wood is transferred to the shredding unit in order to cut it and break it into small pieces and slices to the extent that small particles called wood fibres are obtained.

The stage of boiling and sedimentation of the pulp

At this stage, the pulp is boiled with water in a large pressure boiler, and then the pulp is completely filtered from the water through the filter screen.

drying stage

At this stage, the remaining raw fibrous paper layer is dried and to reduce the level of moisture in it, by exposing it to heat using a drum dryer.

pressure phase

In which the paper is subjected to pressure through a series of heavy-weight rollers, in order to make the paper flat and smooth.

The stage of removing the heavy weight from above the paper
In this last stage, the heavy weight is removed from the paper and rolled into large rolls, which are then divided and cut into several different sizes and shapes according to demand and as needed as well.

Paper Types

There are many different types of paper, and the following is a presentation of the most prominent types:

Writing Paper

This type of paper is the most widely used as it is used for writing and is in the form of regular papers or notebooks…

Printing Paper

This type of paper is used in printing texts and book papers.


This type of paper is characterized by its durability, hardness, foldability and impact resistance, and is used in the manufacture of paper boxes and boxes.

construction paper

Wax is added to this paper in order to maintain its strength and durability, and this type of paper is often used to preserve foodstuffs and in the manufacture of medicine and cosmetics packages.

Index Paper

This type of paper is often used to make postcards and magazine entries.

Coated Paper

It is paper to which some materials are added to give it some qualities. There are two types of this coated paper; Glossy coated paper and matte coated paper.


This paper is one of the oldest existing types of paper, and it is not durable and does not last long.

Magazine Paper

Magazine paper is similar to newspaper, and the difference lies in the glossiness and smoothness of magazine paper.

Bond Paper

This type of paper is commonly used in electronic printing.

Concorde Paper

This type of paper is used in the manufacture of important official correspondence papers, due to its luxurious nature and its distinctive and elegant shape.

Kochi Paper

This paper is distinguished by its glossy appearance and its ability to expand, and it is often used in advertising and in preparing menus in restaurants.

Recycled Paper

This type of paper is used to print some written documents such as reports and memos.

paper uses.

The following is a presentation of the most prominent multiple uses of paper:

  • It is used in the manufacture of paper bags and shopping bags.
  • It is in the field of interior design.
  • It is included in some architecture.
  • It is used to store information by writing.
  • It is used to decorate surfaces and walls.
  • Enters into business promotion.
  • Enters into the setting of the animation.
  • It is used in financial transactions represented in paper money.
  • It is used in food packaging.
  • It is used in the kitchen to absorb oils and for cleaning as well.
  • It is used in gift wrapping.

Papers of all kinds are one of the most important and necessary things in our lives. We cannot imagine our lives without papers. They surround us, whether in the form of shopping bags, paper money, books, store receipts, toilet paper.

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