The Planning and Development Committee of OMC on a visit to the group of factories, “The Pearl Holding”

Planning and development for the Egyptian Workers Group in a visit to the “Pearl Holding” factories “Workers of Egypt” is preparing, developing and operating one of the largest factories specialized in the glass industry in 6th of October City

The Planning and Development Committee of the Misr Workers Group for Industrial Services and Specialized Industries under the chairmanship of Counselor Haitham Hussein, the administrative and industrial development consultant and the head of the Egypt
Workers Group, made a field visit to one of the factories of the Pearl Holding Investment Group for the glass industry in the Sixth of October City in order to redevelop the factory and operate it again.

The delegation of the Planning and Development Committee of the Egyptian Workers Group received both Mr. Ahmed Sanad, the financial advisor to the Pearl Group, and the Executive Director, Engineer “Mr. Ramadan”.

The Egyptian Workers’ Planning and Development Committee began its tour around the factory to find out the most important obstacles that hinder the factory from operating, as it was agreed between the workers of Egypt and the Pearl to set the actual plan to develop and operate the factory again after it stopped working for seven years, provided that the workers of Egypt take over Matters of factory development and operation, in terms of redevelopment of factory infrastructure including maintenance and repairs to the building and production halls, security system, maintenance of production lines including furnaces and presses, inventory and organization of warehouses On the operational side, the workers of Egypt and Pearl for Glass Industries have agreed that the Egyptian workers will operate the factory from all human cadres, starting from the factory’s security, passing through the manpower and technicians, until the administrative cadres.

M / Haitham Hussein said in a statement to “Workers of Egypt” newspaper that our goal in Egypt’s workers is to help the industrial investor from the developmental and operational side, whatever his industry, by supplying all technical cadres to him, and our partnership with the Pearl Holding Group in the aspect of development and operation is a goal we seek to achieve, as it is a group The Pearl is the mother in the Arab Republic of Egypt specialized in the glass industries, and no one denies its history in this industry.

And that the first step is the most difficult in any work, but starting now is the important thing, and according to the directions of the workers of Egypt and the Pearl Group, in developing and operating the factory, as they seek to restore leadership to the Egyptian glass industry. For Egyptian youth and workers, according to the workload of the Pearl Group.

Ahmed Sanad’s advisor said, “We seek to redevelop the Pearl Factory again and restart it with the help of the Egyptian Workers Group, and to be successful partners in operating this large factory established since 1986 on an area of 40,000 square meters, which operates with a large production capacity of nearly one million tons annually.”

The CEO of the Pearl Company, Eng. Mr. Ramadan, stated that we seek to raise the Pearl logo again and operate the factory again, through the youth of Egypt’s workers who support industrial investors, and to restore the company’s glories again in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the Pearl raises the slogan (we challenge the importer with quality and price), so the Pearl Group of companies is its founder International is competing in the comprehensive global market for glass, starting with the competition with everything that comes to Egypt from glass tableware from different countries of the world until the competition of these products in their original markets despite the difference between the age of our institution and these institutions that entered the markets since the beginning of the last century.

The Planning and Development Committee of Egypt’s workers stressed that the factory needs development and comprehensive restructuring, which starts from rebuilding through re-launching the infrastructure, maintaining machinery and equipment, and starting studies for the most important successful global markets in the glass industry to combine the culture and experiences of Egyptian workers in glass manufacturing and global culture. According to the latest global industries, in addition to attracting technical human cadres to operate the factory, training courses have begun to qualify a working team at the highest level that begins to operate the factory’s production lines to ensure the stability and leadership of the industry, restore its strength, meet the needs of the markets, and pump it into the Egyptian, Arab and African market.

اللؤلؤة القابضة


عمال مصر

The Pearl Holding

عمال مصر

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