The relationship between bill of lading definition and data

Determine the waybill and the data it contains

A lot of people have problems or malfunctions when customs clearance of goods, so there is a problem with the waybill, so today we need to know what is the waybill? How is the bill of lading data attached? And how to avoid any problems with the waybill and customs clearance.

Definition of bill of lading

It is a two-party contract, the premise is that the goods are transported from the port of arrival to the port of destination, so it is a two-party contract, many people ask who is the party to the international bill of lading, many people answer that the bill of lading is the seller and the buyer, but the answer is not Correct, the answer of the exporter and importer was also incorrect. Parties to the bill of lading The party to the bill of lading is the shipper as the issuer, and the carrier are the main parties shown in the bill of lading.

Definition of carrier: The carrier in air freight is either a shipping company or an airline, or a shipping line such as Marsik Line or CBL Line. They are all over the world. Airlines such as EgyptAir, Emirates or Turkish Airlines, these goods when they are transported by air.

Who signs the bill of lading?

The insurance policy must be sealed and signed, and the carrier is the one who signs the document covering sea or air, but there is a different policy called “splitting”, which is signed by the freight forwarder, so the carrier and the policy must be sealed and signed between shippers in order to become The legal policy is in effect. The benefits of the policy There are many benefits of the policy, but we will mention only one of them: – It is a contract between two parties, the carrier and the shipper, subject to the rights and obligations of the parties, or if the ship is owned by one person, the contract between the shipper and the owner and between them is called a charter party, the terms of the contract are subject to Negotiable, which means you can delete or add contract terms according to the shipper or owner agreement. between. But if you have containers and you want to put conditions, it is not suitable because the shipping companies have put some conditions that apply to everyone, but there are no negotiated, changed or omitted terms.

Information that must be included in the waybill In the waybill,

all this information must be present:

  • The name of the shipper.
  • Beneficiary Name.
  • Product Description.
  • quantity of goods.
  • measuring unit.
  • Bill of lading type

There are more than thirteen types of bills of lading in force all over the world, the most important of which is the special bill of lading for import and export, and there are many details that you should know so that when the goods arrive from Egypt to Germany, you know that to avoid problems and additional costs, your business is reliable . Whether you are an importer or an exporter, you can gain a competitive advantage by lowering your prices to gain a foothold in the market.

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