The relationship between customs and market price increase

The relationship between customs and price is increasing, many people think that customs invoices are dishonest people, so we define customs invoices.

Who is clearing?

The customs summary and the customs officer are two sides of the same coin, and the customs summary performs the duties of a customs officer, but the difference is that the customs summary is an unpaid customs employee, it is a feature similar to the customs employee of the state service.

The role of the customs extractor

The role of the customs extract is to complete the customs work of the incoming message from abroad for the benefit of the customer. Regional customs cut his interests off from national interests, which we should never describe as smuggling.

What are the reasons for the high customs prices?

Is this a country reason or customs pickup? But there are many reasons for the high price

For example, the customs extract has nothing to do with the price increase, it is only the nature of his function that terminates the customs relationship. As an importer today, it is from any country in the world that you think is on the container or complete information, no matter how many containers are in it, so it comes with all relevant documents. He has no role in the price hike. When we talk about countries or importers who have raised prices, and importers in general, there are many reasons for the price hike. The main reasons for the rise in customs prices

The state is the main reason for the rise in customs prices because everyone blames customs extracts for smuggling them. What is the relationship of customs extracts and importers to what is going on, so we hear every day that there are a lot of smuggled goods and products, customs,

what does the extract have to do with this?

The answer is no. This means that if a country seizes smuggled mail or containers, then it is the mail collector who smuggles them, as 90% of smuggled mail is the customs collector who reports it. Due to the role of customs in the extraction when opening containers of some products that violated the documents I had with me, I reported to customs officials and if I was not informed of this, I was an accomplice in this fraud.

Do price increases affect import flows?

Of course, the negative impact is very large. The decisions taken by all countries, such as 991 and 992, and the decision to register factories, except for factories, are not registered now. If the factories are registered, there are very few. Some of the decisions taken by the minister annoyed the country by not importing any jobs or importing some foodstuffs or containers needed by the state, and therefore the state alone is responsible for the high price of the import campaign.

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