The Stock Exchange launches the first collection of stories for children to teach investment in the financial market

Today, Sunday, the Egyptian Stock Exchange launched its first collection of stories to introduce children to the investment culture of the capital markets, entitled “Five Investors“, which is the first awareness collection on the basics of saving and investment and the knowledge stories placed in capital.

Markets, in the presence of the Minister of Education and the Minister of Immigration and the Public Business Sector This step is completed by the continuous efforts made by the government of the Egyptian Stock Exchange to increase awareness and knowledge of the basics of investment and savings through the stock exchange in the Egyptian society, especially among youth groups, while working at the same time to define the operating economic entities.

In the various productive sectors in the Stock Exchange, the listing and issuance procedures and the trading process. Access to the financing needed for expansion and growth, followed by employment and increased productivity, is the goal of the Egyptian government’s development plan.

The stock exchange management has established a professional department for financial culture, which is responsible for following up the implementation of cooperation agreements with various educational institutions, ensuring their implementation, and evaluating them to ensure that they achieve specific goals. Several courses are designed in cooperation with different universities, including theoretical lectures and application of simulation programs for trading and investing through restricted stock markets, through which students can apply the theoretical information taught in the lectures.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange provides students with lectures on the principles of the stock exchange, writes and distributes educational guides on the stock exchange, organizes a series of seminars for students to understand the advantages of listing in the stock exchange, and forms the basis for the exchange of securities from Egyptian universities and committees to develop the mechanisms, controls, and implementation procedures necessary to achieve the objectives of the agreement.

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