Types of ships used in international shipping

We ask a question in the introduction: What is the importance of talking about the types of ships used in international shipping? The answer to this question is through a statistic conducted by the Americans, this is the logistics that have been spent in the United States over the years, and according to the indicators of 2018, logistics costs amounted to 1.6 trillion US dollars, half of which is spent on transportation either in the United States or between the United States and certain countries. This statistic is very important because logistics costs, shipping costs, and international shipping are important to the success of countries and companies, which means that if you are the owner of a shipping or freight company and manage to ship correctly, this has a clear form of the success of your project. After all, logistics costs have many benefits for your project, especially if you are a beginner.

What do you need when making international shipping (logistics) decisions?

To make the right decisions in international shipping and logistics decisions, in addition to these requirements, there must be some requirements:

Must have available knowledge of international shipping options. More than 80% of the goods transported around the world are transported by sea, sea, etc., which leads us to talk about the types of ships in sea transportation.

Types of ships used in international shipping Many international shipping scholars talk about types of ships, the most important of which are:

  • Ghaner cargo visel ship

Ghana visa for freight This ship was one of the first ships in the world that was used to transport goods until the transport of any type of goods, this type is the oldest type of ship in Launch and is used to transport heavy goods that cannot be transported in a container, and it has several names. On this ship when transporting large quantities and volumes of wheat. If you want to contract with this ship, you must know its characteristics, the shipping company, the shipping company, examples of the goods transported by the ship, the oil pipeline, raw materials with the factory, machinery, and equipment.

  • Rolling cargo ships

A rolling cargo ship is a rolling cargo ship, which means that everything is moving quickly, we use this ship to transport it, it is similar to a ferry, but there are cars on the first floor of the ferry, but all this transport is rolling cargo.

  • Bulk cargo ships

Bulk Carriers This type of ship transports bulk goods such as wheat, phosphates, sand, coal, and waste, and transports very heavy loads, and the ship is characterized by the costs of writing off or transportation to transport such loads. RAM.

  • Hevy left fesel

A ship is good at transporting huge weights, one piece over 80 to 300 tons, and has a special ability to carry those weights, and the goods carried by this ship include tractors for trains and turbines for dams.

  • Contener ship

Types of ships used in international shipping
Container ships are one of the types of ships used in international shipping container ships, and more than 70% of the world’s cargo is transported in container ships, and containers have made a global boom in international trade because they have done a lot of work things that serve exporters and importers such as reducing costs and speeding up time For traders and companies, it starts with 300 containers, and one container is equivalent to 20 feet, and there are many types of containers.

  • Balk in back out

The ship is used in Australia, for example, to export sugar. So it enters loose and comes out in bags, and it acts as a factory.

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