The UN open’s Ibrahim Al-Feki’s conference room at OMG

Sylvain Milan, vice president of the United Nations organization UNDP, went to visit Omal Misr Group with a delegation from the Project Development Authority of the Egyptian Council of ministers to see what they offer in training and qualifying human cadres for the industrial labor market.

Eng. Haitham Hussein OMG’s chairman and an elite of the most important administrative cadres of OMG and the directors of the respective departments and the working group were at the reception of the delegation.

After completing the reception ceremony, the delegation headed to start a meeting between the managers of the labor sectors of OMG led by Eng. Haitham Hussein chairman of the OMG and the UNDP delegation of the UN to discuss the joint working mechanisms.

The events of the day included:

    • The opening of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki’s conference room at OMG on 11/8/2021,the hall bore his name in honor of his memory.
      • To be a beacon for Science, Culture, Industrial and Economic Sciences and all different fields of work
      • To be a destination for all the ministers and managers of factories in the industrial area according to the vision of OMG comprehensive service towards industrial areas and its customers.
      • To be the beacon of science to serve investors and the industrial community.


    • visiting practical and theoretical training centers in the park.


    • Discussing some of OMG’s Industrial projects and ask them about what they have done from the beginning of the training program and then employment and recruitment.


    • The UN delegation took a tour at OMG, to learn about the sectors and departments in practice, this was part of OMG’s visits program.

accompaniedd by Eng. Haitham Hussein, OMG’s chairman.
The tour started at OMG’s departmental offices’ corridor with the group that serves all the activities and projects of OMG,and then the delegation
headed to the investment and investors service sector and explained the vision and planning of OMG for this sector in providing all the requirements and needs that any investor is looking for.

Silvan “showed that he is very impressed and fascinated by the thought and vision of OMG, that is being implemented in this sector of innovative and comprehensive services provided to industrial investors and factory owners.

  • Some bilateral meetings were held where; Eng. Haitham Hussein talked about expanding another base of acceptance of youth for training and recruitment in OMG’s projects under the supervision of the UNDP.
    To qualify them for the industrial labor market in European countries and to take maximum advantage of the Egyptian human cadres and market them to European economic entities in line with the project and the study provided OMG of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support Egyptian labor to work in the EU countries.
  • A delegation arrived from the Academy of Business Affairs headed by Eng. Mohamed El-Baz president of the academy.
  • One of the most important and famous entrepreneurs and training in the Arab world, to participate in the training and development of the workers’ skills of OMG in the industrial zone as well as on the development of a vision and strategic partnership


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