What are the sections of the Supply Chain?

It includes management that aims to achieve maximum benefit and achieve integration, cooperation and development of all activities related to the supply chain and includes customer relationship management, customer service management and knowledge of their views to achieve compatibility, demand management method, demand fulfillment, manufacturing flow management, customer and supplier relationship management, product development and marketing To reduce the time required to market, the last department is returns management which increases competitiveness and productivity.

Supply Chain ensures achieving competitiveness and keeping pace with technology optimally. It also contributes to creating a productive environment with innovative and creative ideas, achieves customer satisfaction, and reduces operating costs. Its sections are:

  •    Planning : One of the most important sections of the Supply Chain, and it includes developing work strategies within a clear and correct scheme to determine the best way to work, and enough time must be given for this stage to be successful.
  •    Procurement: It is the process of searching for services and goods that the company needs in order to achieve its business model and achieve profits, and the purchase cost must be less than the amount at which the goods can be sold to make a profit.
  •    Logistics: Supply chain logistics services include inventory control, transportation, and administrative services, i.e. linking several operations to achieve a competitive advantage.
  •    Warehouse: It is the space designated for good storage and supply of materials and goods, and it can also be called the distribution center, and it is one of the important vital hubs.

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