What is the shipping method for international trade products?

What is important to the merchant when buying from the factory?

  • The price is lower than that of other competing factories.
  • The quality of the product is relatively good, so it must meet the standards required by your country. For example, if you export eyeliner, the customs do not approve it. You can only blame yourself for this, because your country does not import this type, so you lose a lot of money.

Steps for shipping and shipping products

  • Buy the product from the factory

After the product meets the specifications and characteristics approved in your country, and after signing the contract, send all documents related to the product to your email, then send the payment method and everything related to shipping.

  • Factory and product inspection

Regardless of your relationship with the factory, the product you want should be checked at least twice until the end of the product’s manufacturing period.

  • Determine the date of shipment and send the necessary documents

After determining the date of shipment, the necessary documents must be sent to you, in which the information of the shipping amount policy is written. At that time, you should look for a company for customs receipt so that the goods do not fail at the port and pay the “container failure fine” and you have to start paying taxes and customs clearance when you send the documents.

  • Goods export stage

Coming out of China, there must be a policy and invoice number for the specification of the product, the mode of transportation and delivery, and the length of time the goods are in the port. If you pay a fine, you must know how much you spent.

  • Delivery of goods and licenses

Once the goods arrive at the port of the customer or the merchant, they begin to deliver the licenses, each agent is different, and each agent has their own price data.

  • Customs Clearance and Tax Payment (Post Customs Clearance)

It is done through customs clearance, which should be a signed contract with the best customs clearance company. They damage merchandise, especially if it contains antiques or anything fragile.

  • loading and transportation
  • After the goods are loaded from the ship to the equipped vehicle, the vehicle will be transferred to the warehouse you contract with according to the type of goods before delivery.


  • Customer Unloading

Unloading should take place with the customer at a location agreed between you and the exporter, such as your home, or with your factory or company, which was agreed upon from the start.

  • Receipt Confirmation

After receiving your shipment, you must review and review all policies and invoices and ensure that you have received your shipment safely.

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