what’s the E-Marketing ?

E-marketing is one of the general branches of marketing, also known as (digital marketing) or (network marketing), which is a method of organizing modern communication technology through a strategy that changes the way of marketing. Online marketing is an important part of the overall modern marketing strategy, is an important marketing method to achieve its goals online, and is also described as the application process. General principles of marketing through the use of electronic media, especially the Internet.

E-Marketing Advantage:

  • It is the ability to establish an important relationship with customers while continuing to interact. Despite this, some clients still resist this practice and consider it intrusive and negative privacy, but the use of voluntary reporting technology is changing. More and more popular and easier to be accepted by people, especially those who frequently visit commercial websites. 
  • Use e-marketing to get great benefits from customers, to sell on the site and gain customer loyalty.
  • Ease of access to any information related to the product, the possibility of obtaining the required product in a short period of time, and the possibility of crossing national borders wherever the product is located, which leads to the entry of the product to the world and its popularity. quick method.
  • It has opened the door of e-marketing to everyone, not limited to large well-known companies, and ordinary individuals or small businesses can easily participate in marketing.
  • Compared with traditional marketing, the cost is low and easy to implement. You can send a request to order products directly through the company’s website, and for traditional marketing, you cannot order products directly through customers.
  • It is easy to display all the company’s goods and services through the website, which is difficult to do in traditional marketing, because there is a need for a large place to display them.

The way to succeed in  E-marketing:

  • It is the quality of products and services that can be marketed. And because online marketing has multiple methods, the appropriate method must be chosen.
  • Based on the established budget of e-marketing activities conducted on the Internet, product marketing activities are carried out.
  • Marketers’ experience in dealing with e-marketing mechanisms and the continuous development of e-marketing sciences in a digital marketing environment.

Types of E-Marketing E-marketing is done through the following methods:

  1. Free advertising sites on the Internet.
  2. Professional forums in general.
  3. site page.
  4. Site directory and index.
  5. Social media.
  6. Email activity.
  7. through video.
  8. Write a blog.
  9. Newspapers and magazines.

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